Wednesday, April 1, 2020

1930 NS/CNO&TP Tunnel Creek Trestle over South Fork Green River in KY

(Bridge Hunter; Satellite)

CNO&TP = Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific

Redeker Rail Video & Photography posted
Dennis DeBruler Where is this trestle?
Terry Redeker Dennis DeBruler South Fork, Kentucky South of Danville on the Rathole.
Dennis DeBruler Thanks. It looks like this is the one.
Does "Rathole" refer to all of the CNO&TP, or just a certain segment of it?
Terry Redeker Dennis DeBruler To me it’s Cincinnati to Emory gap, TN.

Jeff Wagoner,  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike (CC BY-SA) via Bridge Hunter
NS - Tunnel Creek Trestle
looking north
[Tunnel Creek Road runs along the base of the trestle.]

J. B. Rail Photog added
Perhaps my favorite shot of NS 143 with UP 1943 Spirit of the Union Pacific leading was crossing the South Fork Trestle in South Fork, KY, on the NS CNO&TP in the countryside, what a great backdrop. Using a drone to capture photos otherwise impossible from the ground and seeing a different perspective is perhaps my favorite thing about have a drone for photography! I need to practice different perspectives because I've seen more of a 3/4 shot versus just the side shots which would look better than this one.
J. B. Rail Photog added

E.m. Bell posted
A D9 high on a pedestal.. Southbound NS 111 crosses the Green River Bridge at Southfork, Kentucky 2011. 2nd district of the CNOTP
Jenna Shadowz: I definitely wouldn't want to go into emergency there. Lol

A Flickr drone shot that shows real well how long the trestle is.

5 photos that are mostly of the ruins of another bridge beside this one
And I not that it is Jim Carter that strongly believes a bridge made with steel towers is a viaduct instead of a trestle.
"A trestle is a specific type of bridge. It has short repetitive spans on driven pile or framed bents. A viaduct is also a specific type of bridge with repetitive spans, but with concrete piers or steel towers. All trestles are bridges, but all railroad bridges are not trestles."

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