Sunday, April 19, 2020

Partially Raised Scherzer Bridge in Smiths Falls, ON


Eight closeup photos

I've seen this bridge before, but I can't find any existing notes on it. So I hope this is not a repeat.
Brendan J Dock posted
Smith Falls ON never to lower again, photo credit unknown.
Dennis DeBruler This is the first time I've seen a rolling bridge abandoned that is not at least most of the way up. This view shows how it rolls backwards along the girder foundation.
Paul Campbell Near railway museum

Street View
[There are several locks in this town.]

André Gerow posted
Once part of Canada's third national railway, this Bascule bridge was built for the Canadian Northern Railway ( CNoR ) and later used by CN.
The line was abandoned in 1986 which saw the end of this railway of Smith Falls.
Very gusty winds, but I managed to get a few good shots.
Joe Dockrill shared

Jenifer Brown, Jan 2020

Jenifer Brown, Jan 2020

Kri Pe, Sep 2019

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