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1880 historic bridge wrecked by 18-Wheeler in Paoli, IN. It was repaired!

One Lane: (Bridge Hunter; Historic Bridges; HAERSatellite)
Pedestrian: (Bridge Hunter; Historic Bridges)

Sherman Cahal shared four photos with the comment: "Yet another historic bridge ruined by a stupid truck driver." (Dec 2015)
1, cropped




Dana Mitchell commented on the third photo
Keith Knight: What about the direction she was driving? Any signs that way? I am sure there was but you never know.

Daisy Lynn Ashby commented on Keith's comment
Other comments indicate it was posted as 6-tons on both sides.

The big question in my mind was why was the truck driver on Gospel Street in the first place since IN-37 was just a block to the west? Maybe she wanted to go just half way around the roundabout at the courthouse instead of three fourths of the way.

"Truck Company Insurance funding full 700K. Good news indeed." [Jan 2017 comment by Dana on BridgeHunter-one-lane]
safe_image for Progress being made on repairing historic Paoli, Ind., bridge (Jan 2017)

They did a good job of restoration. They even preserved the peeling paint. :-)
Street View, Oct 2013

Backing out, I see it still has the load limit signs.
It still has a steel web deck, so this bridge should be a "hummer" and jerk the wheels back and forth. I saw in photos on BridgeHunter-one-lane that the plaque on the right abutment indicates that the bridge was restored in 2001. So I guess they used bad paint or did not do a good job of preparing the surface.
Street View, Oct 2013

One advantage of a truss bridge is that it broke in just a few places.
Orange County Law Enforcement via BridgeHunter-one-lane

The pedestrian bridge is a bow-string truss.
Street View

Note the load limit sign of 4 tons.
1. GENERAL VIEW FROM NORTHWEST - Gospel Street Bridge, South Gospel Street, spanning Lick Creek, Paoli, Orange County, IN

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