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2013 1380m (4528') Hardangerbrua (Hardanger) Suspension Bridge in Norway

(Satellite, 1,196 photos)

"The main span is 1380 meters [4528', 0.85 miles], the towers are 202 meters [660'] high, clearance below is 55 meters [180']."

At first I was confused because 1380m was used for both the length of the bridge and of the main span. Then I noticed that both ends go into mountains and the cables are anchored on the mountain. It amazes me how simply tapering the top of the towers makes it look so much more elegant. Yet it did not cost much to do that. I wish American civil engineers would learn that aesthetics need not be expensive.
(Actually, the main span is "only" 1310m. [ntnu])
 Axel K, Jul 2018, 4th of 130
rheins, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons via structurae
Construction started in 2009 and it officially opened on Aug 17, 2013.

This is another example of other countries putting more value on non-vehicular traffic than does America. About a third of the used space is dedicated to non-vehicular traffic.
Emanpee, Aug 2015, 123 of 130

And they built a special tunnel for pedestrian access.

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Norway Sky bridge
Eskil Østbø: This is Hardangerbrua (Hardanger bridge), across a part of the Hardanger fjord.
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Norway Sky bridge Construction
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First drove across in 2017.

Pavel Kleisl commented on Discoveries' second post
You drive out of a rock face right onto the bridge. It’s pretty impressive, especially the first time when not expecting it at all.
Geir Rune Tveit: Pavel Kleisl That is the world highest tunnel opening.

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This was an interesting tidbit I discovered in a result documenting that this Norway bridge is longer than any suspension bridge in the USA.

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