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West Pullman Junction: PRR (Panhandle) vs. IC Branch

(no CRJ, Satellite)
Mark Hinsdale posted two photos of this junction with the comment:
"West Pullman..." 
West Pullman, on Chicago's Far South Side, was the location at which Illinois Central's electirfied Blue Island Branch crossed the Pennsylvania Railroad ("Panhandle") main line from Logansport IN to Chicago's 59th Street Yard and beyond. By this June, 1977 date, the ex PRR line, now owned by Conrail, was down to a handful of freight trains a day, as CR worked toward the complete abandonment of the line that would come in a few short years. But for the time being, West Pullman Tower still presided over the frequent IC Electric and occasional CR freight moves across the diamonds here.
Jon Roma Typical frame Pennsy tower!

Mark posted again
"A Branch Under Wire"
Chicago's rail infrastructure features many interesting and unique scenes, once including a large number of junctions and interlocking signal towers. Here at West Pullman Tower, on Chicago's Southwest Side, a set of IIllinois Central Gulf "Highliners," southbound on the electrified Blue Island Branch, cross the former Pennsylvania Railroad "Panhandle" line from Logansport IN to 59th Street Yard. Now belonging to Conrail, the freight line, as well as 59th Street Yard itself, would be deemed redundant, and subsequently abandoned within a few short years. The Blue Island Branch survives, and provides frequent service, operated by Metra's Electric Division today. .July, 1977 photo by Mark Hinsdale

Image from PennsyRR
Steve S Czajkowski commented on a posting
This is a photo of me and the start of my obsession of Chicago railroads ,in my back yard with the West Pullman Junction behind me .The Illinois Central's Blue Island branch crossing over The Pennsylvania's Panhandle with the PRR interlocking in the background . Trains on the brain ! Photo late 50s
Jimmy Fiedler Like the gas street light in tube background
David Daruszka commented on Steve S Czajkowski comment
Steve S Czajkowski That's a great photo of my corner of the world with "my I.C. mu's" . The PRR remodeled the tower in the early 60s
Dennis DeBrulerGroup Admin Steve S Czajkowski I'm glad you mentioned the remodeling. I have been having a hard time reconciling different photos of this junction!
Bill Molony posted
This photograph was taken looking railroad east on the Pennsylvania Railroad's Panhandle line at the West Pullman interlocking - circa 1955.
Bob Lalich This photo is looking EB on the Panhandle at West Pullman. Halsted St was a block or so behind the photographer. The crossbucks in the distance are for Union Ave.
Dennis DeBruler A nice view of a Pennsy positional signalling target. (Is "target" another word for "head"? If not, which term is correct for the round thing? If there are multiple round things on a mast, what is the collection called?) I don't remember seeing a target with a "backslash" but without a "slash". I know slash normally indicates approach. Backslash is one of those details of signalling indications that I have yet to figure out.

One advantage of Pennsy's positional signalling and B&O's colored positional signalling compared to a searchlight is that you stand a chance of determining the indication in a black&white photo. In this case, it looks like all three horizontal bulbs are lit. So that would be a stop indication. Since all three bulbs are lit, they would be yellow. And that means it is not showing a "red eye" (Horizontally: red, off, red).

Paul Jevert posted Mark's photos. John Eagan provided three Flickr photos as comments on Paul's posting: 1, 2, and 3.

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