Saturday, February 18, 2017

UP/C&NW Global One Intermodal Terminal and Yardmaster Tower

Street View
(Update: several intermodal yard photos are in a supplementary post.)

Ed's posting made me aware of the relatively new looking yardmaster tower in Global One. A comment concerning Robey Yard explained:
KTL53 Actually, the C&NW Railroad purchased Robey St Yard from the B&OCT back in 1983 (12 years prior to the C&NW/UPRR merger) to combine with the existing C&NW Wood St Yard facility. The Global One Terminal opened in 1984.
Lincoln Street Yard, which was a coach yard just east of Robey, and the tracks going east that used to serve Grand Central Station would have been part of that purchase.

The Google Link for this facility has 13 photos. Unfortunately for their customers, some of the pictures show a big backup of trucks trying to get into the facility.
Mitch Bell commented on a post
Global 1, Chicago
A railroad map indicated Global One West and Global One East. Global One West would be the consolidation of the old Wood, Robey, and Lincoln yards to make loading ramps and storage for containers and empty trailers.

Global One East holds cuts for trains being assembled or disassembled.

Extra empty cars are stored at Canalport.

A couple of more views of the yard tower:

Birds-Eye View, looking West
3D Satellite, looking North
Nathan Mackey posted
One of those South Shore coal trains leaving Global 1 in March of 1999.
[So Global 1 is an interchange yard as well as an intermodal yard.]

Will G Benson commented on a post
On a related note, here's one of the UP Chicagoland terminals that was scheduled to close months ago: Global One. Taken July 24th [2021] as I flew back into Chicago two weeks ago.

22 photos of the C&NW Potato Yard and the UP/C&NW Global One Yard.

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