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1963 NS/CNO&TP/Sou/CS Bridge over New River

(Bridge Hunter, the comments have several construction photos; Historic BridgesSatellite)

To explain the title, Cincinnati built and owns the Cincinnati Southern route, but it now leases it to the Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Norfolk Southern.

This bridge was part of a realignment and replaced the bridge at the original crossing of the New River.

Unknown company photographer from Bridge Hunter
Everett Posey posted a drone video
At the time of construction in 1965 this railroad bridge was one of the tallest at 350 ft. East of the Mississippi.

Jeff England shared
Nathanmark PurvisNathanmark and 778 others joined RAILROAD BRIDGES, TRESTLES, TUNNELS AND CUTS within the last two weeks. Give them a warm welcome into your community! too bad the owners are so cheap they don't bother to keep any paint on these structures anymore.
Jim Polston ecology considerations make it expensive to paint--reason BNSF stopped painting!
JoePat ChaistyJoePat and 778 others joined RAILROAD BRIDGES, TRESTLES, TUNNELS AND CUTS within the last two weeks. Give them a warm welcome into your community! beleive it or not surface rust best protection for steel in open, structure rust only problem around rivet holes, when drilled on site,rolls royce engine,s left out in weather for years before being machined for cars ,paint greatest rust builder that why constant maintenence needed joe aust
Dennis DeBruler commented on JoePat's comment
Rust can be a problem in the open as well. These rust holes in the side girder are in a former Rock Island overpass in Joliet, IL. The tracks had been removed a long time ago. I heard the issue is that before they paint, they would have to remove the old paint. But the old paint contains lead. I wonder if lead paint is also why they haven't scrapped it. Surely it doesn't have asbestos.

Jeff EnglandJeff and 776 others joined RAILROAD BRIDGES, TRESTLES, TUNNELS AND CUTS within the last two weeks. Give them a warm welcome into your community! Really? No asbestos. Lead paint more than likely.
Dennis DeBruler As someone pointed out to me, the railroads "fix" the lead paint problem by letting it wear off into the environment. A case in point where an environmental regulation has the exact opposite affect than what was intended by the person who wrote the regulation.
Norfolk Southern Corp posted
Norfolk Southern serves shippers and receivers of many agricultural products, including corn, wheat, soybeans, miscellaneous grains, animal and poultry feed, sweeteners, ethanol, food oils, flour, beverages, canned goods, and consumer products. Learn more about NS shipping options:
Pictured: train 55E crosses the New River Bridge in Tennessee.

Charles Lawrence Is this the tail of the train since there is just one engine?Jordan Campbell I was wondering the same.

(new window)  It is looking rather rusty.

The New River Railroad Bridge is the tallest railroad bridge in the State of Tennessee, at 389 feet above the New River Gorge. The river channel cantilever span stands on two hollow piers, 392 feet apart. The bridge was built along a realignment of Cincinnati Southern's infamous "Rathole" Line, between Danville, Kentucky and Oakdale, Tennessee, to reduce the number of tunnels and fault line crossings on the Cincinnati-to-Chattanooga route. The realignment also lowered the steep incline into the New River Valley northward from Elgin, Tennessee, eliminating the need for the Robbins Tunnel and the old New River crossing. [Bridge Hunter]
I noticed there are several more You Tube videos of this bridge.

A Bridge Hunter comment by Alex Wood: "I was out at the bridge in August and met some construction workers. They were resurfacing the pillars, taking 8 inches of concrete off the pillars and resurfacing. Ironically, the engineer I met said its one of the worst built structures he has worked on in a 30+ year career."

Ed Robertson posted some photos and videos of trains crossing the bridge.

Matt Murphy posted drone video and photos of the bridge.

Matt Murphy posted 8 drone photos.

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