Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Big4: Maps

Big Four was the nickname for the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway. It seems to me that it is made with the little railroads in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois that neither NYC or Pennsy bought. NYC bought it in 1906, but NYC allowed the Big Four to keep its own identity for a few more decades.

(Update: a description of the railroad. I think it was written from the perspective of Anderson, IN.)

r2parks, has a brief history
I noticed that following includes the Kankakee & Seneca Railroad, but the above does not.
David Bradburn commented on a post
[The post is about the Fairland, Franklin & Martinsville RR. I searched for a higher resolution copy. I found several copies on the web, but none of them were higher resolution.]

The following is a higher resolution map, but you will have to compare it with the above maps to see which parts of the NYC were Big Four.
Image from NYC History

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