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BNSF/GN Two Medicine Trestle and US-2 Bridges

GN: (Bridge HunterSatellite)

It looks like they have stared disassembling the falsework that was used to help construct the main truss.
Joe Dockrill posted
Great Northern's Two Medicine Bridge in Montana in 1891.
Marty Bernard posted
1. Great Northern Railway trestle over Two Medicine [River Montana] in course of construction circa 1887.

LarryDoyle commented: The single track steel structure which replaced it (similar in design and appearance) is still in daily use in Montana.

LarryDoyle also commented: Lewis and Clark pursued the Two Medicine River in their search of a Northwest Passage. They gave up, deciding the pass impossible, If they had only gone another 6 miles they would have found it. Instead, they backtracked about 200 miles or so and instead followed the Yellowstone River to find a land route to the Pacific. Jim Hills construction engineers succeeded where Lewis Clark failed.

Photographs and captions from the Minnesota Historical Society

Marty  Bernard shared

Ian Lothian posted
Another favorite bridge that I like to photograph, even its its over 5,000 miles from home! This is Two Medicine Trestle on BNSF's Hi-Line sub, east of East Glacier Montana. The Great Northern use to use this view for publicity to try and attract visitors to Glacier National Park. Its a nice piece of engineering in a fabulous part of the world and looks even better when there's a train crossing it. This was an eastbound Intermodal on 21 July 2006 with 4903 leading 5372 and 5271.

Photo by Loco's Loco Co., License: Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)
[Unfortunately, Google pulled the plug on their I could understand them stopping the service by not letting any new photos being uploaded. But to throw away all of the photos that people contributed in good faith continues to blow my mind. It makes me wonder if someday they will trash the contents of this, and other contributions.]

Street View posted
In this publicity photo, a handsome set of new Great Northern FT's, leading a string of new 40-foot boxcars, pose on Two Medicine Bridge, Montana in the summer of 1944.
[A comment indicates that this is the BNSF mainline.]

While looking for a street view, I discovered construction photos of a new US-2 bridge. A satellite view shows just the new bridge. The bridge being replaced is certainly very narrow by today's standards.

Street View

Street View

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