Sunday, September 29, 2019

The parts of a lattice crane and bent boom stops

Chris Evans posted
Basic lattice boom crane components
Will T Henson 3900 t
At first, I skipped the above parts diagram as not worthy of its own post. But on the same day I came across a closeup of the boom stops because they were damaged. Judging by the comments on the post below, some of the things that might cause the boom to come back too far:
  • the boom was high with a heavy load and the load was suddenly released
  • the operator had the boom too high when he traveled up a "hill;" e.g. onto some mats
  • the crane is old and doesn't have a high boom kick out, or the kick out is adjusted wrong, or the operator was in kick out override mode. And then the operator raised the boom too high.

Jonathan Mark posted

Wayne Hill commented on Jonathan's post
Ours was a little more back!

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