Monday, November 16, 2020

BNSF/SantaFe 1931 Viaduct over Canadian River near Amarillo, TX

(Bridge Hunter; Satellite)

Tray Mayer posted
Replacing track panels
Joe Dockrill shared
Kevin Dopson: I worked on three deck change outs on Truss bridges and there was only one track hoe operator we'd work with because he had to carry the 40 ft pannels (9,500 - 12,000lb, i'm thinking i got that weight wrong, been a few years ) in with the boom full extended well we guided him in n out. We used crossing planks one on the out side one on the inside of the rail so he could walk in. Loved every min of it walking the pannels in, then cleaning the beams off before u lay the pannel down. Longs days n great money, got love the 15.5% increase on ur pay for crossing territory boundaries.

Youtube Algorithm, Dec 2019

A topo map provides another view of the well defined valley that the Canadian River has cut through the area.

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