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1955 132mw Gavins Point Dam and Lewis & Clark Lake on the Missouri River

(John A. Weeks IIISatellite)

The three Kaplan turbine units have a total capacity of 132.2 MW. The discharge capacity at the max operating pool (1,210') is 345,000 cfs and the max discharge capacity at 1,221.4' is 584,000 cfs. The record flow was 160,200 cfs in early July of 2011. [USACE-facts] "While most of the Missouri River plants are used for peaking or semi-peaking purposes, which means they generate more energy during the hours of highest demand, Gavins Point Dam is the only dam consistently used for baseload production, which means the plant provides a continuous energy supply." 726 GWH or 68,000 homes. The Kaplan turbines are variable pitch and turn at 75 rpm. [USACE-hydropower]

Massman Construction Co. posted six photos with the comment:
Gavins Point Dam is the dam furthest downstream on the Missouri River and is one of six major dams authorized by Congress in 1944 as part of
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Headquarters
' Pick-Sloan plan. As part of a joint venture, we broke ground in 1953 and had, by 1957, completed the main spillway, earthwork, and powerhouse substructure and intake. In recognition of the structure’s importance, over 8,000 people attended the opening ceremony.
Located near Yankton, South Dakota, the dam impounds Lewis and Clark Lake. Today, the dams assist with the conversation, control, and efficient use of water resources in the Missouri River Basin, with the Gavins Point hydroelectric plant generating enough power for nearly 70,000 homes.






John Weeks



USACE, Omaha District posted three photos with the comment:
Gavins Point dam is the smallest of #USACE Omaha District's 6 major dams along the Missouri River. This dam is 8,700 feet long and 74 feet high, and the typical waterfall of 45 feet. The spillway is 664 feet long and features 14 tainter gates (the part that goes up and down and controls the water flow). Each gate spans 40 feet wide by 30 feet tall. 
The power plant within the dam has three generators each with a capacity of 44.1 megawatts, for a total maximum output of 132.32 megawatts, and create enough electricity to supply the needs of 65,000 people.
(Photo credit: Samuel Weldin, Public Affairs Specialist, USACE Omaha District)
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"Gavin's Point Dam at Yankton, should be removed first. The dam is the least useful structure of the Big Six across the main stem, and it is fast filling in with silt." [RapidCityJournal]

(new window)  March 15, 2019 via yankton (paycount 3). If I understand the article correctly, the flow we see here is about 100,000 cfs, and it was enough to cause flooding downstream.

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