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1910-34 Rock Island Southern Interurban Bridge over Pope Creek near Viola, IL

(Archived Bridge Hunter; Satellite)

Retro Quad Cities posted
The Rock Island Southern Railway Company ran this interurban car between downtown Rock Island and downtown Monmouth.  Here it is shown crossing the Pope Creek and at one time, this bridge was the longest of its type in the United States.
Brad Hilligoss: Why was it so high.
Russ Bieri: About a mile south of Burgess IL.
Dudley Fowler: Russ Bieri north
Jim McAtee: Dudley Fowler no…Pope Creek is south of Burgess
Dudley Fowler: Jim McAtee wrong
[I wonder what they mean by "type." Judging from a satellite image, it was just about 1000' (305m) long. There had to be longer wooden trestles than that. Maybe they mean interurban wooden trestle.]

Dennis DeBruler answered Brad's question
Pope Creek cut a canyon through there. 1923 Alexis Quad @ 62,500
Dennis DeBruler commented on Jim McAtee's comment
Pope Creek is north of Burgess. The diagonal line of trees is where the trestle crossed.

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