Sunday, May 31, 2015

Turning and Servicing Amtrak Trains

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While I was getting portal pictures of the Canal Street RR Bridge, which is south of the 18th Street Viaduct, I noticed train movement north of the viaduct. There was an Amtrak train backing down the BNSF/CB&Q tracks under the St. Charles Air Line viaduct to the 16th Street yard.


Since I knew that as soon as it had traveled far enough to the west to clear the switch it would come forward towards me, I killed some time taking pictures of the Amtrak service area. This used to be the Pennsylvania coach yards. After about 5 minutes, the train appeared again on the Jefferson Connection.




I then crossed to the south side of 18th Street. The train went far enough south on the Metra/Pennsy route to clear the crossing as well as the turnout. In the left photo below, the turnout is still aligned for the main. In The right photo, the turnout has been switched to the service track.


The picture on the left is after it started backing up. Note that the crossing gates are down again. Also note that I caught an El on the Orange Line. The picture in the middle shows that it is using the western service track. The final picture is the last one I got before my camera refused to take more pictures because the battery was low. (The camera manual says it well flash a warning when the battery is getting low, but I have yet to notice it.) I had planned on taking more pictures including pictures back on the north side to record that the train was being shoved into the wash rack.

I had forgotten about this posting and wrote some more about turning this train when I described the Jefferson Connector. The postings are different enough that I'm going to let both remain.

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