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Three Levels (Triple Crossing) of Trunk Line Railroads in Richmond, VA

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(Update: as of 2004 when a flyover was built, Kansas City now also has a triple crossing.)

Image: Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries
I keep seeing this photo on Facebook. I'm going to post this occurance so that I can find it again. The commentary is:
This unique photograph presents to view the only point in the world where three trunk line trains cross each other, at the same time and over their separate tracks. At the top is shown a train of the C. & O. Railway leaving Richmond for the upper James River Valley just beneath it a train of the S.A.L. Railway leaving the Main Street (Union) Deport for the South, and on the ground a train of the Southern Railway coming into Richmond from West Point on the York River.
One of the comments was particularly interesting:
Gary Sprandel Robert Richmond VA. Larry the last one I saw of the triple meet was Railfan magazine in the early 80's with Chessie Systems SD50's,Seaboard System GP50 and Southern E's or F's (IIRC). I've heard staging another triple meet has been rendered near impossible due to flood wall construction that limits the ability to line up the entire crossing.
Stephen Messer commented on a posting and Thomas Dorman added:
September 1, 1949 – a Thursday, at 12:01 pm, photographer Herbert Wilburn.•Chesapeake & Ohio Alco Richmond K-3A 2-8-2 #2327, standard freight engine on the James River line, a steam locomotive capable of hauling about 160 coal cars.•Seaboard Air Line EMD E7A #3048 3,000-horsepower Diesel unit like the ones used to pull the Silver Meteor, Orange Blossom Special and other streamliners.
•Southern Alco RS3 #2106 1500-horsepower, multi-purpose roadswitcher, a powerful Diesel electric unit.
•Southern Alco RS3 #2106 1500-horsepower, multi-purpose roadswitcher, a powerful Diesel electric unit.

Another issue with getting this view today is that there is now an interstate ramps in the background. Satellite view.

Jenevieve Marie posted in Facebook

Steve Bolte added as a comment to the above Facebook posting
Steve's text for the comment:
This was the night photo session in 1983. NRHS national convention was in Richmond. Arranged by Jim Boyd of Railfan Mag.
Stephen Messer commented on a posting and Thomas Dorman added:
July 19, 1983 –National Railway Historical Society pre-Convention night photo session hosted by the Old Dominion Chapter. Photographer Sanford T. Terry.•Chessie System C&O GE B30-7 #8295•Seaboard (Norfolk Southern) EMD GP40 #6719•Southern EMD FP7s #6143 #6141

Also, Bill Neill shared
Jerry M Murphy commented on a posting
This is the very first one, I believe
Jerry M Murphy commented on a posting
This is the last one, as far as I know. This was taken from atop the City of Richmond floodwall.
Seija Gynther also posted
Allen Dial Rivanna jct .richmond track is csx (rivanna sub) middle track csx (bellwood sub ) bottom is ns

Jose Vicente Sendin also posted
Oh, trains can fly ? ( well this is a train FLY OVER !!! )
Thomas Dorman October 21?, 1994 – to mark the completion of the James River flood wall, on which the photographer was standing, which now blocks the best photographic views of the triple crossing.
•CSX GE C40-9W #9044
•CSX GE C40-9W #9045

•Norfolk Southern EMD GP50 #7027

Becky Whiting Not a whole lot of clearance for the three routes. No HIGH WIDE loads for sure.

Jerry M Murphy posted
Here is the Triple Crossing from the cab on the top bridge.
Jenevieve Marie shared Heritage Railway Magazine posting
Haddy Niazi
Triple Railroad crossing in Richmond, Virginia (hand painted 1926)
Carl Venzke posted
I thought this only existed in model railroading until I saw this; C&O on top, SAL in the middle and Southern on the bottom. Richmond, VA c1939
So how can a 1939 photo be hand painted in 1926?]

Steve Bolte commented on the above sharing
This was the last staged one at the James River Flood Wall dedication 10/21/94
Andrew Keeney shared
Triple crossing reenactment, 1966? Walt Gay collection
Curtis Nicolaisen posted two photos with the comment: "Triple Crossing in Richmond Virginia. Only place in North America(?) where 3 railroads cross over each other. A 1919 archive photo for perspective."
Dale Hokanson No floodwall or freeway!


Norfolk Southern Corp posted
Three trains meet at the famous "Triple Crossing" in Richmond, Virginia. CSX coal train N89530 on the upper level (former Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad), CSX coal train T44230 on the middle level (former Seaboard Air Line Railroad), and Norfolk Southern mixed freight V24 on the lower level (former Southern Railway).
Norfolk Southern recently completed a clearance project on the lower level to allow high capacity box cars to clear the middle bridge, allowing for more shipping opportunities along the line, which serves industries between Richmond and West Point.
Disclaimer: This image is a compilation of three separate images taken within a short timeframe to achieve the "Triple Crossing" result.#OhYesWeDid

Vintage Postcard with Flickr comments

Joe Garnett looking down the Southern tracks

A video of the trains pulling into position and doing a lot of honking

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