Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Air Line Junction (Monon and Panhandle)

(Update: some sources spell it Airline Junction)
(no CRJ, Satellite, Pennsy Track Diagram)
NorthAmericanInterlockings: no entries
Chicago and Northern Indiana Railroad Interlocking Towers (It erroneously labels the Monon vs GTW junction as Air Line.)

Posted by Nick Muellman on Facebook
Mick Muellman posted some pictures of the crossing between Monon and Pennsy's Panhandle in Munster, IN, (Air Line Junction) on Facebook.

A comment in the Facebook posting mentions a video that was taken in 2000. There isn't a narrative, but the comment does explain what is happening. The comment also has links to CSX Production's activity on Facebook, Flickr and Blog. It is not limited to CSX locations. For example, Flickr has albums on Galesburg and IRM.


Bob Lalich commented on a post
Air Line was the Monon crossing, and was called that because that portion of the Monon was originally the Chicago and Indianapolis Air Line Railway.

See the bottom of GT Crossing for a labeled map.

The tower was closed in 1950 with control transferred to Maynard Junction. [Larry Amaloo comment in Facebook.]

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