Friday, September 9, 2016

C&NW's Bridge over Pecatonica River near Freeport, IL

(Bridge Hunter)
C&NW crossed the Pecatonica River twice between Freeport and Rockford, IL. The bridge in town has been removed. But the one in the country has been preserved as a trail bridge. The river must have some heavy floods because the span over the flood plain is as long as the span over the channel itself. I had noticed there were a lot of oxbow lakes northwest of Freeport. So that means that area is low and flat. It is good that Freeport has kept development off that land.

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  1. Note the twin concrete piers above the bridge in the photo above. This was for the Rockford & Interurban bridge. This interurban connected Freeport with Rockford which was in turn connected to Elgin and the Chicago interurban network via the Elgin & Belvidere interurban.