Friday, September 30, 2016

Pope Lick Trestle east of Louisville, KY

(Bridge Hunter, Satellite)

This was owned by the Southern Railroad so it is now owned by Norfolk Southern.

6 drone photos of a train carrying military equipment crossing the trestle, p50

Chris Nicholson Jr. posted
Louisville Kentucky's Famous Pope Lick Trestle - 9-22-2016

J. B. Rail Photog posted
06/14/2020 - Trying out my Mavic Mini at Pope Lick Trestle in Louisville, KY. Here's NS 172 with the NS Heritage Unit Lehigh Valley 8104 leading as they head westbound in the NS Louisville District. It's really fun to be up so high almost eye level with the train here. This is going to be my go to spot for drone videos and pictures because it's about as wide open as it gets around here.
Javid Beykzadeh shared

J. B. Rail shared a similar view of a coal train with the comment:
05/11/2021 - Norfolk Southern Corp train 893 passes over Pope Lick Trestle in Louisville, KY, with empty coal hoppers from Tennessee Valley Authority Kingston Fossil Plant in Harriman, TN, headed back to Fransisco, IN, to get more black diamonds.

Four of the photos posted by Barry Delaney with the comment: "NS 125 at Pope Lick Trestle east of Louisville on Norfolk Southern's Louisville Division."




J.B. Rail Photog added
01/28/2021 - Perhaps the dynamic duo of the year so far was "Sonic Bonics" DC to AC rebuild units NS 4004 Blue Mane AC44C6M and 1800 Yellow Mane SD70ACC leading NS 124 over Pope Lick Trestle in Louisville, KY. The snow was definitely an added bonus!

Dennis DeBruler shared

In Sept 2020, I got hit with a Double Doomsday. Both Facebook and Google changed their software. I said "changed" instead of "updated" because the new software is not better. In fact, Google's Blogger software is far worse except for a search function that works. For example, it has three bugs concerning photos and their captions. So I'm no longer copying photos and interesting comments from Facebook. I'm just saving the link. Unfortunately, some of the links are to private groups.

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