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NS/N&W Pier 6 is still operational at Lambert Point Dock


Kheel Center by Clinton Cuthrie in 1961

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Happy birthday to Norfolk Southern’s Pier 6 located at Lamberts Point in Norfolk, Virginia. Setting records at Pier 6 is nothing new. The pier began operating in 1963 as the largest coal transload facility in the Northern Hemisphere and the most technologically advanced in the world. It remains so today.

In 1999, the pier became the first facility to load 1 billion tons of coal. Since then, it has handled 200 million more. On Sept. 21, 2013, the M/V Negonego, loaded with 168,977 net tons of coking coal, departed for a steelmaking plant in China. As it steamed away, employees had reason to celebrate: They set a U.S. record for coal loaded into a single ocean-going vessel. The typical collier calling on Pier 6 is 600 to 700 feet long and leaves loaded with 75,000 to 85,000 tons of coal.

Pictured: a bald eagle sits and patiently observes its surroundings with the NS Pier 6 in the background. Photo credit: Adam Wright - NS agent terminal control
The Google image did not have any boats at the pier. But the Bing aerial image had one boat and the birds-eye view had two.
Birds-Eye View
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4000 ringer replacing the conveyor at Norfolk Southern Coal pier 6.
[Quite a few of the comments discuss which big rigs are on the Atlantic coast.]
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Norfolk Southern is an expert in sourcing, blending, and moving the highest quality steam and metallurgical coal in the world. In fact, our Lamberts Point Pier 6 in Norfolk, Va., is the largest and fastest coal loading pier in the Northern Hemisphere.
Learn more about shipping with NS:
Don Oltmann Why store coal in expensive hopper cars? Why not ground storage with stacker/reclaimer?
Ray Haring The yard has 163 miles of track, and there are humps. Loaded car run by gravity to the dumper two at a time. After dumping they are pushed up a ramp by a long piston and come back down on track returning them to the empty yard.
Jim Rosol Where is the hump?

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At Lamberts Point, hard-working employees set another coal-loading record
Known for hard work and determination, Norfolk Southern employees at our Lamberts Point Coal Terminal in Norfolk recently achieved another production milestone. Over the course of 72 hours and 10 minutes – precision in motion – terminal co-workers dumped and loaded 1,549 cars of steel-making coal into the hold of the Hong Kong-flagged vessel China Prosperity.
When the 984-foot-long collier departed Pier 6 at high tide Tuesday, May 28, the vessel contained 173,678 net tons of high-quality metallurgical coal bound for a steel producer in Ukraine. The tonnage set a record for coal loaded on a single oceangoing vessel for both Pier 6 and the entire Port of Hampton Roads.
This marks the third time in six years that employees at the largest coal transloading facility in the Northern Hemisphere have broken coal-loading records.
“This record is very special to the employees at #Norfolk Terminal,” said Michael L. Davis, superintendent terminals. “Our employees are very proud that we have broken the record three times in the last six years. Lambert’s Point is a production facility and our employees embrace that dynamic. We have an attitude and a work ethic that reflect the performance with this record-breaking event.”
The accomplishment required teamwork and close collaboration across NS and with our customers. The Pier 6 team loaded China Prosperity with a blended mix of met coal that NS train and engine crews transported from mines in the Central Appalachian basin in West Virginia and the Northern Appalachian basin in Pennsylvania. Yard crews and employees who operate coal dumpers and shiploaders worked together to keep the coal moving to market.
Employees set the previous Pier 6 record on Sept. 21, 2013, when they loaded 168,977 net tons of coking coal into the China-bound vessel Negonego. That broke a record set just four days earlier, when employees loaded 166,840 net tons of met coal on another China-bound ship.
“Coal is traded all over the world and shipped huge distances by sea to reach markets,” said Davis. “For us at Norfolk Southern, this record is another example of how our partnership with the The Port of Virginia helps power the global energy and manufacturing markets.

The pier is part of a major railroad facility. It has become rare to see such a big yard still existing in a "downtown" area. Many yards have been converted to river-view condos. But NS does have a plan to build a storage yard about 30 miles away. [joc] That new yard would free up a lot of the "downtown" acreage for development. The video at the bottom of these notes explains that the reason NS stores coal in cars rather than on the ground is because that makes it easy to blend coal from different mines to meet the customer's needs.

The docks handle a lot more than just coal. NS has a subsidiary there that handles a lot of other materials.
Located in Norfolk on one of the East Coast’s finest natural deep-water harbors, Lambert’s Point Docks Inc. has served shippers, manufacturers, and brokers for more than 65 years. One of Virginia’s largest breakbulk marine terminals, the full-service facility specializes in rubber, wood products, machinery, and project cargo. The terminal provides safe, efficient import and export transloading and can move more than a half-million tons of general cargo annually. These rail-served docks are located within two miles of interstate highways. [NSdocks]
Screenshot from NS Brochure
[114 acres with a 45' deep shipping channel. It is a harbor protected from the sea, but there are no bridges between it and the ocean.]
As Virginia’s largest breakbulk marine terminal, Lambert’s Point Docks moves more than a half-million tons of cargo annually. Three piers provide berthing space for as many as six ships simultaneously with a water depth of at least 32 ft. at the berths. The docks cover 125 acres and offer more than 1.5 million sq. ft. of warehouse storage. [PortsAmerica]
Exporting a locomotive to India:
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[The ship has its own cranes.]
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[Another view of that ship]

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Norfolk Southern is an expert in sourcing, blending, and moving the highest quality steam and metallurgical coal in the world. In fact, our Lamberts Point Pier 6 in Norfolk, Va., is the largest and fastest coal loading pier in the Northern Hemisphere. #dyk
Pictured: Lamberts Point Coal Terminal which is an NS-served and operated transshipment terminal located on the Elizabeth River in Norfolk, Va.

Zane Martin “Norfolk Southern, making things more complicated than things should be since 1990.”
Anthony Benkovitz Awesome pic I just hope it gets busier soon.
Brian Lloyd Guthrie NS = IVAN

Not the same company that hired me in 2002, when I was "living the dream". Until 2014, I used to think..."I can't believe I'm getting paid to do this.
Now it's just smoke and lie untellable, no conscious, just to spike top executive's profits. I just hope that after they drive us in bankruptcy, that we still have customers and I have a job.
The people running Norfolk Southern should be imprisoned for multiple counts of debauchery.....😥

Eric Slekovac You're also experts at killing jobs. [They recently closed the backshops in Roanoke, VA.]
Bill Bocian So sorry you did not keep the f units!

Jarret Burley Bill Bocian from what I understand they were not crash worthy cabs on the F units. After the accident with the car last year that was brought to light therefore they sold them.
Robert Krasinski Two of them are now owned by Reading and Northern and the public will be able to ride behind them. On NS they only pulled ocs trains for higher ups, not the public. Since 2018 NS also has not hosted any public steam excursions with 611. They are done with that, although they will still allow 611 and 765 to use their tracks to get to other railroads and venues.
Ned Shaneberger The turntable is there!
Tom Blair Ned Shaneberger ...since the early 1900’s.

Jason Greene What is the locomotive at then 6 o’clock position off the turntable? Looks to be missing some fans.
Jody Slemmer Jason Greene looking like a cabbed slug unit.
Tom Blair Jason Greene is indeed a slug with a cab, full controls.

Virgil Fitzpatrick The kick-back car system they have here is interesting to watch.

Samuel Plew Yeah theres no coal to move. Stuck in the past.
John Armstrong Samuel Plew really? Coal consumption is raising in Germany!
Samuel Plew I don’t think it’s from Virginia though is it? China is not buying.

I found the roundhouse.

Jeff Matthews posted three photos with the comment: "Some photos today, Pier 6 Lambert’s point yard
Brute -140"
Brendan J Dock shared
Robert Coughlan 1989 I was at Central Manufacturing in Grandview Missouri checking out the Brute 150 they where building for the CN Railroad. While there I operate a crane similar to that one,getting ready to test it on the testing pad. Maybe it's the same one.



Even though thermal coal from the eastern states has dried up, coal to make coke for steel production is still shipped from here. [SPglobal]
(new window)  This has a few (short) scenes of a rotary dumper in action.

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