Saturday, October 29, 2016

Liverpool Junction Tower: CFER/CSX/PRR vs Aban/CR/NYC/MC (Joliet Cutoff)

(John Haynes Track DiagramSatellite)
NorthAmericanInterlockings:  see photo below
Chicago and Northern Indiana Railroad Interlocking Towers (click the marker for the correct information)

William Shapotkin posted
While I admit the quality leaves a lot to be desired, to-date this is the ONLY image of the Liverpool, IN tower (MC Joliet Cut-off/PRR Xing) -- and darn it if it was not found in a non-NYC or PRR fan magazine.

William Shapotkin posted again
Craig Cloud Liverpool was jct NYC and NKP I believe, I thought JC was MC line Detroit thru Porter. Later, PC TT was Ivanhoe Branch then Secondary. Also, EJ&E a predecessor Joliet Cutoff.
Mike Kasrich Liverpool was NYC and PRR. Joliet Branch and the Ft. Wayne to Chicago line.
Gregg Leech I remember as a kid, probably late sixties, a Penn Central freight train hit an earthmover near the Liverpool crossing. My dad took me to see the mess. I think it's when I-65 was under construction. I wish I had pics.

Wayne Hudak posted three pictures concerning Liverpool, IN, with the comment:
A pair of former Reading RR units lead an eastbound freight at the small hamlet of Liverpool in Northwest Indiana. They have just crossed the former Michigan Central Joliet Cutoff. At one time there was a tower there.



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