Friday, February 9, 2018

CN+DT/IC over Sangamon River in Decatur Illinois

(no Bridge Hunter?, 3D Satellite)    DT = Decatur Junction Railway

Richard Koenig posted
Sangamon River Bridge
This is where the original Illinois Central Railroad crossed the Sangamon River south of Decatur, Illinois. The line is now owned by the Canadian National, and we have the pleasure of seeing BC Rail C44-9WL on the point.
Image by Richard Koenig; taken February 8th 2018.
Dennis DeBruler According to the 2005 SPV Map, CN still owns the charter line remnant down to Elwin, and Decatur Junction Railway (Pioneer Railcorp) owns it down to Assumption.

On a map, this doesn't look near as impressive as the NS/Wabash or Lost/Illinois Terminal bridges over Lake Decatur. But it does look impressive in a photo. The former IC route south of Decatur to Assumption, IL, is one of the few segments left of the IC route that went up the center of Illinois. Branching off of that route just south of this bridge is the remnant of the IC's Peoria, Decatur & Evansville that still goes through Decatur between Peoria and Mattoon.

Mike Isenberg posted
I shot this IC Freight crossing Lake Decatur, Decatur, IL over 50 years ago. Dad was fishing, I went to shoot slides of him and Ta-Da!!
Jeff Lewis What's truly remarkable about the image is that both locomotives are actually clean!
[The railroads were still using boxcars.]

Sammy Smith shared
Richard Koenig Really nice shot. Clearly bridge was double-track for the volume of IC and Pennsy trains back in the day.

Sammy Smith commented on Richard's comment on Sammy's share
 I don't think it ever was. Maybe when they poured the concrete, the had it in future plans. Here is a couple pictures I put together when the dam was being built. One was dated in 1921, and the other, 1922. Looks like a old wooden pier is still there. I cropped these from much bigger pictures.

3D Satellite

Street View

Assumption Co-op Grain is why CN still operates the former IC route south to assumption.
Street View    (Satellite)

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