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CRCX/B&O Arthur Kill RR Bridges between New Jersey and Stat

1889 Swing: (Bridge Hunter)
1959+2007 Lift: (Bridge HunterDave Frieder Photos3D Satellite)
The reason for the 2007 date was that the use of this bridge was suspended in 1991, but it was rehabilitated in 2006 and returned to service in 2007. [BridgeHunter]
CRCX = Conrail Shared Assets Operations

Street View taken from the new Goethals Bridge
[It is nice to see a truss bridge with a fresh paint job.]
The 544' long lift span of the Cape Cod Canal Bridge was the longest in the USA until this 558' long span was built in 1959. "The largest vertical lift bridge in the world, with a 558' long main span, 215' high towers and 135' clearance of lift span in raised position." [BridgeHunter]

July 2019 Photo by Geoff Hubbs via BridgeHunter, License: Released into public domain

The 1889 bridge was the first bridge between New Jersey and New York and it was the worlds largest drawbridge when built. [TimesMachine via Wikipedia] After the Arthur Kill Straits were dredged to allow ocean going ships to pass, this bridge became a significant navigation hazard and the federal government primarily financed the lift bridge to replace it. The clearance was just 30'. As an example, in 1952, it had to be opened to allow 13,346 ships to pass. [Wikipedia]

Via BridgeHunter, Published prior to 1923

Four images and lots of text about the swing bridge and some text about the 1956 lift bridge

A YouTube video of a CSX train crossing the bridge It easily handles double-stack containers. Near the end of the video are views of the old Goethals Bridge.
A YouTube of a CSX intermodal with the old road bridge in the background
You can tell that CSX still has routes with clearance restrictions because quite a few platforms are carrying just one container. Those container trains are probably servicing the New York Container Terminal that is just north of the railroad on Staten Island.
Noel Ortega, Mar 2018

Jose Alonso Jaramillo, cropped

Robert Quinlan posted
The Arthur Kill Vertical Lift Railroad Bridge connects Elizabeth, NJ and Staten Island, NY. Built in 1959 to replace the Arthur Kill Bridge, it parallels the Goethals Bridge and has the longest lift span of any vertical-lift bridge in the world. Took this photo from the new pedestrian walkway of the Goethals Bridge.
Stevie Knox As seen in this video: [At 0:25]
Joe Sichelstiel BuIlt by the B&O when they owned the STR.

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