Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kaplan Turbine

The Francis turbine is well suited for dams with a high head of water. The Kaplan turbine is designed for a lower head of water but with a high flow rate. We saw some information about this type of turbine at the Kentucky Dam.

The Lockport Powerhouse also has a used turbine on display. Unfortunately, it is displayed so far from the powerhouse that I do not have a good image of it. The photo on the right is at camera resolution extracted from the following photo. It is beyond the concrete walls that you can see.

20140614 0276
At least with a 3D satellite image, you can see it has three blades.

On the bus ride back from the tour, I tried to grab a shot of it through a window as we drove by it without getting passenger's face in the image. This is the best piece of equipment I have seen that has been retired from service.

The motivation for this posting is a video that describes how this design works.

Judging from a cross-section of the waterway of the Keokuk Powerhouse, it also uses a Kaplan turbine.

I came across this posting, but the link is broke :-(
But I did find this video: (new window)

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