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1952 361mw Bull Shoals Dam on White river near Bull Shoals, AR

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Construction started in 1947, and it was dedicated in 1952. It is 2,245' (684m) long and 256' (109m) high with a spillway of 808'  (246m). "At the time of its construction, Bull Shoals dam was the fifth largest in the country, and its powerhouse was the largest building in Arkansas. Along with its seventeen spillway gates, which are forty feet by twenty-nine feet, there are also sixteen outlet conduits that can each discharge 3,375 cubic feet per second. The flow of one of these conduits is roughly equivalent to one of the powerhouse’s eight generators running at full capacity....The powerhouse contains eight generating units. The original four generators and turbines were built by the Allis-Chalmers Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and produce 42,750 kilowatts an hour. Four additional units that produce 47,500 kilowatts were added later and were built by the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company of Newport News, Virginia. The total installed plant capacity is 361,000 kilowatts. At completion, the project cost an estimated $86 million." [EncyclopediaOfArkansas_dam]


Matt McAllister, May 2020

May 26, 2020
9500cfs hydro + 3750cfs spillway = 13,250cfs release
1:42 YouTube video

Sherry Hoover, May 2017

Lindsey, Aug 2014 via TripAdvisor
1:02 USACE video1:02 USACE video about preparing for flood evacuations

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