Friday, November 15, 2019

100th Street Bridge over Calumet River

(Bridge Hunter, Historic Bridges, ChicagoLoopBridges3D Satellite, Street View)

I was waiting until I could get my own photo of this bridge. But after studying a satellite image, this bridge is surrounded by industry, and I'm not going to get better photos than Street View gets unless I'm on a boat like Steve Conro was in Bridge Hunter.

Street View

Street View
 A bonus, while I was getting the street views, I noticed the Baie Comeau was unloading salt.
Street View

Street View
And I noticed that a drawbridge further to the south was up in the air.
Street View

Lloyd Chick Pearcey posted
Anyone remember those pesty boats that had the bridges up when you were heading somewhere. To me is was a magic moment as a kid when we would stop at the sea food shak on the 95th street bridge for shrimp or fish and a boat would come back. Hope someone out there finds this interesting going back a while.
Brian Shankman I vaguely recall this where a small boat would cause traffic to stop as the bridge went up. Also remember being annoyed as to why we had to stop the car ("are we there yet?")
Lloyd Chick Pearcey Always got a kick out of the scene in Blues Brothers at that same bridge where we use to eat at the small seafood stand.
Dennis DeBruler I've read that it was the 95th Street Bridge that Blues Brothers used for the bridge jumping scene,
Alma Ellis As a kid I thought the bridge came up with no warning. When on foot, I always ran across

Jonathan Konopka posted
This is the 100th Street Bridge in Chicago, IL.  It is a bascule bridge that was built in 1927 and carries 100th Street over the Calumet River.  The bridge in the background is the Chicago Skyway.  Photo is courtesy of

The 100th Street Bridge is in the air in this photo.
Mike Delaney posted
The International heading up river on the Calumet. Anybody who has heard the horn on this thing would know which one it was long before you saw it. I know I posted this shot before somewhere but it shows the care and pride these companies took in their vessels no matter how old. Both this and the Harvester were in mint and I mean mint and pristine condition. I wish I could have sailed in that tiny fleet. She was my favorite oldy and it was my pleasure to see her up close. I almost cry when I look at this shot. Boat gone, International Steel plant is gone.
[The steel plant it was headed to was Wisconsin Steel. The Rail to Water facility is on the left.]
Scott Liberty: Many people don’t know that the red and black IH logo is an abstract representation of a man on a tractor.
[Some comments include a couple more photos of the ship on the Calumet river.]

Because of the Skyway Bridge in the background, it is easy to determine that this is the 100th Street Bridge.
1 of 3 photos posted by Stephen Sostaric
Atlantic Huron arrives in South Chicago to unload - September 24, 2022

1 of 3 photos posted by Stephen Sostaric
[This view shows that two tugboats are needed.]
1 of 5 photos posted by Stephen Sostaric
The Manitoulin came to the Calumet River in Chicago yesterday, May 15, 2023 to unload. Here she is at 100th St. and then getting lined up at the dock to unload.

Arturo Gross Flickr 2018 Photo of self-unloader Algowood passing under the bridge. I commented: "It's nice to see that big ships still use the river." (A photo of the Algowood passing under the skyway.)

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