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"Boom Buggy" for moving a crane from one wind turbine to another

Building wind turbine farms need big cranes. And moving them from one wind turbine to another in a farmer's field is a significant source of crane accidents. And if there are high tension wires crossing the field, the move becomes even more difficult. (Since the purpose of a wind turbine farm is to generate electricity, there does need to be a high tension line in the area to deliver the turbines' power to an urban area.) Purpose built vehicles to help hold the boom further from the tip are being developed. I wonder if they are going to start being used for regular moves and not just "line pushes" as an alternative to laying mats across the field.

Charles Edler posted
A little powerline crossing or as we in the business call it line push check out the boom buggy ...hope everyone is having a wonderful and blessed day!
Bill Finerty Did you leave full rocks on the machine
Charles Edler Bill Finerty yes
Charles Edler Bill Finerty sometimes we have to take of some rocks depending on the height of the powerline
Claudio Cerna How much stick?
Charles Edler Claudio Cerna 321.5' main and the Harley tip 25'
Brian Lynch Charles Edler what’s a Harley tip?
Charles Edler Brian Lynch upper boom point ....wind tip not to be confused with wind jib it's a Manitowoc description of the tip section
Ryan Abbott Who built the buggy? Would be cool to see more info on it.
Charles Edler Ryan Abbott one of our haul truck drivers invention it's really awesome.
Charles Edler Ryan Abbott if you zoom in and look through the boom you'll see my block 16,000 lbs in a cradle and there's also a spot for the ball.
Mike Dicenzo Charles Edler, I have walked them on the boom tip wheels but has to be perfect conditions , that is all terrain !!
Marvin Roberson Sr. How do you sync the speed without sliding or binding the boom?
Charles Edler Marvin Roberson Sr. He puts it in neutral and I just pull him along we do line pulls mostly not line pushes can cut tracks and make sweeping corners and I stop and he can cut his tracks to adjust.
Kirk Shank Does the buggy free swing?
Charles Edler Kirk Shank yes we make turns while walking.
Allen Dean That ground looks kinda risky to be traveling across with the rocks still on.
Charles Edler Allen Dean had a skid steer and a front end loader/ fork lift dropping steel plates if my heels started digging. We also walked the counterweights all the way forward to the stops with the remote.

This is the post that motivated the discussion of the Harley tip.
Charles Edler posted
Before we go any further NO THE CRANE IS NOT UNDERBOOMED TO ALL THE KNOW IT ALLS THAT LOVE TO SCRUTINIZE OTHER PEOPLES POSTS ! When I press an option on my screen it makes it where I can fit all the crane in the screen without having to walk another 50 to 100 yards away to get it in the frame it is an illusion rant over lol MLC 650 VPC MAX mode 390.4 main 24.9 Harley tip 415 overall one blade left at site then a line push utilizing 2 boom buggies will try and get pics !
Matthew Shaw What Brand turbines are those?Charles Edler Matthew Shaw Siemens/Gamesa 5 part towers
John Field Charles Edler get your damn boom right brotha and looks to me you have 4 blades left to put up! Why is there 6 blades on site?Charles Edler John Field those 3 are damaged well at least one of them is.ohn Field What the hell you do? Didnt have your boom angle right and smacked into the other blade? LolCharles Edler John Field Somebody ran into it with a fork lift

Sharon vickers posted
Boom buggy #1 in action
Daniel Wilcox We just boom down onto a flat bed and strap down.. or use shackles and cables to the mast..
Chris Greiner considering how much the buggy is tracking in the mud? i wounder what the crane will do? (I'm thinking "titanic")
Michael Newman Chris Greiner hopefully they remove the CW

Chanc Bourdon commented on Sharon's post
[The technique used for line pushes if you don't have a boom buggy.]

Sharon Vickers posted
Boom buggy works great for off road and rough terrain.
Dick Hale Had to walk a 777 across 5th st San Francisco, with a big fork lift holding my tip, under the trolly car wires. That was fun
Rob Shellhamer Interesting rig. Is the boom secured to the buggy or is there some "slop" to account for travel differences between the buggy and the crane?
Sharon Vickers Rob Shellhamer secured.

Sharon Vickers posted two photos with the comment: "Series 2 Boom Buggy and a Manitowoc MLC 650."
hillip Permenter How much boon were y’all runnin?
Charles Edler Phillip Permenter 370.7 main and then the Harley tip 24.9.


Lucas B Sustich commented on Sharon's post
It worked good for us with an old demag we used to have.
[It looks like they removed the luffer jib before the move.]

Lucas B Sustich commented on Sharon's post

Jason Garland commented on Sharon's post

Sharon Vicker posted five photos with the comment: "Boom buggy #2 loaded and heading out for a demo."
Dan Miles It’s to lay a boom on to walk under bridges and power lines on wind farms it looks like. Not a bad idea. We usually use a semi trailer. But pending how much stick it’s a touchy deal.
[I think buggy #1 was built on an old crane base. This one looks like it was built on a dozer. I wonder what the attachment at the rear is used for.]





Ben L Reich commented on  Sharon's post
Crawler hydro is the cats meow
Chris Fontenot Ben L Reich and for A and D
Ben L Reich Chris Fontenot that's right. Took us 5 weeks to get our company to get one. So we could assemble the 1600 quicker.
[A and D would be assembly and disassembly. I assume Ben meant 16000 instead of 1600.]

Wade Zeckser commented on  Sharon's post
Semi works just as good
[Not on a muddy field.]

Dustin Shaffer commented on  Sharon's post
How we normally do it.
Sharon Vickers posted two photos with the comment; "Pushing a Manitowoc 650 boom under power lines."
video2 (I wish they would show  video of them raising the boom back up.)


Dustin Shaffer posted two photos with the comment: "My #1 driver Johnny cash getting ready to walk a 16000 under some power lines Saturday morning."
Ted Fortier Does the truck drive at all or get pushed and only steer?
Dustin Shaffer Ted Fortier just pushed.



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