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I-64 1963,1991+2023 (Nitro WWI/Donald M. Legg) Memorial Bridge over Kanawha River

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I-64 crosses the Kanawha River four times in the Charleston area of West Virginia. Going upstream:
In a comment on BridgeHunter, Terry Legg explained that Donald Legg, his father, was a steelworker who died in an accident during the construction of the bridge.

The bridge has been renamed the Nitro WW1 Memorial Bridge. [Doug Bess comment on a post]

Street View, Jul 2022

Street View, Aug 2022

As part of expanding I-64 from two to three lanes, they are upgrading this crossing. In addition to building a new 3-lane bridge, they plan to replace the truss bridge rather than rehab it and restripe it for three lanes and a shoulder. [Tom Hoffman comment in BridgeHunter]

Obviously, the new bridge is a UCEB (Ugly Concrete Eyesore Bridge) steel-girder bridge.
Street View, Jul 2022

1st of 5 photos posted by Bridges & Tunnels
These photos are from June [2022] showing the replacement of the Donald M. Legg Memorial Bridge over the Kanawha River in West Virginia with a pair of new structures.
The Donald M. Legg Memorial Bridge carries Interstate 64 across the Kanawha River in Putnam County, West Virginia. It opened in December 1963. It was noteworthy for being the widest ever constructed in the state, the first to have a center median strip topped with a 36-inch concrete riser and parapet dividing the four 12-foot traffic lanes.
In November 2019, the West Virginia Department of Transportation awarded a $224.4 million design and build contract for a pair of new bridges. the widening of 3.7 miles of Interstate 64 between Teays Valley and Nitro, and the reconstruction of the WV Route 817 interchange.
Construction on the project began in April 2021.
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Bridges & Tunnels posted
The new westbound Legg Memorial Bridge for Interstate 64 over the Kanawha River between St. Albans and Nitro, West Virginia opened to two lanes of traffic today [Oct 29, 2022].
Construction on the project to build a new westbound bridge, replace the original 1963 bridge, widen 3.7 miles of Interstate 64 between Teays Valley and Nitro, and reconstruct the WV Route 817 interchange, began in April 2021.
In November, work will begin on removing the circa 1963 span to replace it with a girder structure. During that process, the main truss will be lowered to a barge and towed offsite for dismantling while the new structure will rest atop the existing concrete piers.
The entire project is expected to be completed by October 2023.
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Doug Bess: The bridge has now been renamed the Nitro WW1 Memorial Bridge.
 I grew up in Nitro during the 1950s and 60s. It has a rich history and now a museum displaying artifacts from WW1 and subsequent wars.

1:00 video @ 0:55
The Donald M. Legg Memorial Bridge has served West Virginia for 60 years. Today, the main span was lowered. When complete, the new Donald M. Legg Memorial Bridge will carry I-64 eastbound between St. Albans and Nitro, while the newly completed Nitro WWI Memorial Bridge carries westbound. This Roads to Prosperity project will widen the interstate and make travel safer for a community which continues to grow.
B&T shared
WSAZ explains: "“Lowering this center section to get it to the side allows them to reach the other sections with the cranes they have to cut it into pieces and demo it,” said Carl Davis, the project supervisor for consultant Mead & Hunt, in the release. “By demoing the bridge, it allows us to also demo part of the existing piers to rebuild and build the new eastbound structure back in the place it is now.”"

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