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8 Locomotives on KNWA/NS/N&W/Virginian Lefthand Fork Paint Creek Bridge over Sweeneysburg Rd. north of Harper, WV

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Street View, Sep 2021

I Love Trains posted
photo courtesy of Shane Alexander · 8 locomotives from Kanawha River Railroad pulling coal cars across the Sweeneysburg Trestle along the former Deepwater Railway near Harper, WV.
[I was struck that 8 locomotives on the headend would pull a lot of couplers. Some others also thought that. I've seen BNSF intermodal trains with 5 locomotives on the head end. But someone explained that one of them is a spare because parts of the route are on the tracks of another company. This Winter (2023), BNSF has been running 4 on the front and 2 on the rear. They use more locomotives in the Winter than they do in the Summer.]
Brandon Donell: I live 2 tenths of a mile from this train trestle. This is a steep incline with all 100 to 110 cars full of coal. Most of the time they run 4 engines pulling and 3 pushing. The it's a awesome sight to see!
Richard Cramer: As a federal licensed locomotive engineer, there’s no way EIGHT locomotives are “PULLING” that train. Even at 2,000 a piece they would be way over powered for knuckle strength on the head end of that train.
At one time the railroads didn’t have a maximum power limit. They all do now ! That’s why when they require more power not allowed ON THE HEAD END. They use remotes in the middle and or pushers on the rear. Some manned, some remote.  Usually 3 six axle 3,000 horsepower units on the head end is the maximum. They even have restrictions on how many axles can be using dynamic brake.
Andy Babin: Richard Cramer "3 six axle 3000hp units max on head end"
Whose railroad, what part of the country? Please post regulations. We regularly see 3-5 4000+hp jacks on the head end of mixed freight and stack trains on the KCS in south Texas. Same often seen in central and west Texas. All pulling or braking. No cold potatoes or isolated units.
Richard Cramer: Andy Babin . Time tables are very specific for the divisions they are applicable on. I can only relate what the rules and special instructions were in force on our specific division and sub-districts. Funny you wouldn’t know that. If you are an engineer you should. If you run with that much head end power, good for you. Get a knuckle on one of our trains with more than 3 six axle unites on line, you’re having a train handling violation formal investigation. I can only speak for my railroad and it’s Lake Division. Same way with unit’s with extended range dynamic brake. You may have to cut out dynamic brake or cut out some traction motors to comply with our train handling rules.
Every broken knuckle on any of our trains are inspected by a supervisor and you better hope it was an old brake. Or they will down load the event recorder and go from there. The NS loves to give out street time and then wonder why they don’t have people to operate their trains.
Andy Babin: Richard Cramer Interesting that now it applies to specific divisions and sub districts.

Ken Lewis Flickr, 2016 via BridgeHunter
UP on NS @ Sweeneysburg, WV.
S/B NS U79 at Sweeneysburg, WV.
Soutwest Virginia Rails posted
Here’s one of my favorite shots from yesterdays trip to new territories. A Kanawha River Railroad (KNWA) empty coal train soars over the Sweeneysburg trestle and over top of Sweeneysburg Road. I was hoping for one of those six ex-NS SD60’s to lead, but beggars can’t be choosers and had to settle with an NS DC GEVO in the lead. This photo was taken between Sweeneysburg and Beckley, WV.
Mike Mullins: The 60’s were overdue for a date with the fuel rack - otherwise I may have put one in the lead. Thanks for coming out. You guys kept my conductor and I entertained the whole trip.

WATCO has been operating this route since 2016. "Watco took over operations from Norfolk Southern. Their new territory encompasses the former New York Central between Columbus, Ohio and Dickinson, WV and the former Virginian between Dickinson and Elmore, WV. This new operation is called the Kanawha River Railroad (KNWA)." [Trainorder]

Street View, Jun 2021

I wonder what percentage of the viaducts in the US are curved.

1965 Eccles Quad @ 24,000

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