Wednesday, May 31, 2023

A Highway Interchange In The Takao Mountain - Near Tokyo, Japan


I figured out that there are so many ramps because they wanted to build just one set of toll gates.

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A Highway Interchange In The Takao Mountain - Near Tokyo, Japan
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Amazing intersection in Japan ..

This photo has been flipped. That is, it is a mirror image and a mistake.
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Highway interchange in Japan

This is looking in the other direction across the interchange.
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Japanese Highway Interchange Aerial ! A Pic by fan Thank you "Wirote Kctech"

I should use the label bridgeGirderSteel instead of bridgeGirderConcrete.
Street View, May 2023

I couldn't figure out how to turn off the labels in Google Map, so I switched to Google Earth.
Google Earth

I zoomed out to see how extensive the three tunnels are.
Road Map

I noticed that the next intersection to the North on 468 looked complicated, so I checked it out.
Global Earth, Mar 2021

In this case, the labels help figure it out. It looks like the roads are designed to send more traffic north than south.

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