Thursday, May 25, 2023

MWRD Park Ridge Outfall Sewer and Digging a Trench With a Dragline

MWRD posted on May 21, 2023
Construction of the Park Ridge Out Fall Sewer along Howard Street, looking west toward the Des Plaines River on April 30, 1928.

Dennis DeBruler commented on the MWRD post
Digging a trench with a dragline caught my eye. Cable driven backhoes probably existed in 1928, but they were not big enough to move that much dirt.
I checked, the O'Brien WRP was completed in 1928 so I presume tht this was the outfall for that plant. I had assumed that the outfall for that plant was into the North Shore Channel.

When I Googled "park ridge outfall project," I discovered that Park Ridge plans to spend millions of dollars to build storm sewers and underground retention vaults to reduce flooding. [Dec 2017 plan]

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