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SCL: Seaboard Coast Line Railroad and Family Lines Overview

The Atlantic Coast Line and the Seaboard Air Line merged in 1967 to form the Seaboard Coast Line. Unlike the merger of the Pennsylvania and New York Central, the merger of these two competitors was from a position of strength. The merger had been carefully planned since 1958 and the merger was profitable. The SCL became a partner of The Family Lines System in 1972. In 1982, the partners were merged as the company Seaboard System Railroad. In 1986, The SSR merged with the Chessie System Railroad to become what is known today as CSX Transportation. (TrainWeb)

SAL's Silver Meteor and Silver Star passenger train names are still used by Amtrak for their New York to Miami Silver Service. Amtrak discontinued ACL's NY to Miami Champion service in the 1970s. And Amtrak terminated the Chicago to Florida service.

The Silver Meteor uses the coastal route through the Carolinas. Since the CSX owns the Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac RR, the train uses CSX track south of Washington D.C. except for the Central Florida Rail Corridor from DeLand to Poinciana, FL. The Silver Star route uses the inland route through the Carolinas and does the detour to Tampa. According to Wikipedia, the route is:

  • Amtrak Northeast Corridor, New York to Washington
  • CSX RF&P Subdivision, Richmond Terminal Subdivision, North End Subdivision, and South End Subdivision, Washington to Selma
  • NS Piedmont Division, East Carolina Business Unit, Goldsboro to Greensboro district, Selma to Raleigh
  • CSX Aberdeen Subdivision, Hamlet Terminal Subdivision, Hamlet Subdivision, Columbia Subdivision, Savannah Subdivision, Nahunta Subdivision, Jacksonville Terminal Subdivision, Sanford Subdivision, Lakeland Subdivision, and Tampa Terminal Subdivision, Raleigh to Tampa
  • Central Florida Rail Corridor, DeLand to Poinciana.
  • CSX Auburndale Subdivision and Miami Subdivision, Auburndale to Miami
Prior to October 1986, the train ran between Petersburg and Raleigh via the CSX (Seaboard Air Line) Norlina Subdivision, stopping only in Henderson. CSX abandoned the Norlina Sub between Norlina and Collier Yard in Petersburg in 1986 and the Silver Star was shifted to the "A Line" between Petersburg and Selma, then to NS's "H Line" between Selma and Raleigh
And this is what is left.
CSX Interactive Map

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