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Street Name Changes

street name changes from ChicagoInMaps.

origin of street names

As I read older histories of various topics in Chicago, I come across road names that I can't find on a current map. This posting collects road name changes that I have encountered. I intend to update this posting as I find more changes.
  • Crawford ->(1935) Pulaski
  • 12th Street -> Roosevelt (
  • 22nd Street -> Cermak Road
  • Robey -> Damen  The change was mode 6/15/1927. [Jon Roma commented on a post]
  • Ruben Street -> Western Avenue (
  • South Water Street -> was rebuilt, not just renamed, as North Wacker Drive.
  • South Park Avenue -> Martin Luther King Drive
  • Jefferson Avenue -> Cicero Avenue (1897 railroad map)
  • Lincoln Street -> Wolcott Avenue (B&OCT valuation map)
  • 48th Street -> Cicero Street (B&OCT's 48th Street Yard)
  • Michigan -> Hubbard (Scott Presslak comment, LaSalle Street Tunnel)
  • Ford -> 58th Street (Ford Interlocking)
  • Tracy -> 103rd
  • Pine Street -> Michigan Avenue (John Boda comment, drloihjournalWaterTower)
  • 48th Avenue -> Cicero Avenue (1898 Metro L map)
  • South Park Avenue -> King Drive (Pennsy track elevation)
  • Indiana Street -> Grand Avenue (Historic Bridges)
  • Fifth Avenue -> Wells Street (Wells Street Terminal)
I shared this link to Facebook and got some more information:
Richard A. I. Carlson Here is a reference I found a couple years ago on the Interwebs compiled by William Martin in 1948. I can be invaluable in researching old routings.

Richard A. I. Carlson And if Route Numbers in Illinois affect your research here is my page that details all the State, US and Interstate route numbers past and present:

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