Sunday, April 10, 2016

Ford and Studebaker Plants in Detroit

Bryan Monaco posted then and now pictures with the comment:
Right along the fence line was the Michigan Central line that served the Ford Piquette Avenue plant, which built Fords between 1904 and 1910. On the opposite side of the fence was this loading dock. Studebaker built vehicles there between 1911-1933. The plant, which is seen in the background, is open for tours.


Someone asked how many different automakers were near Detroit? Brian Manaco answered "Ford, Packard, Cadillac, Hudson, Nash, Kaiser, Hupmobile, Dodge Brothers, Autocar, Studebaker, Chrysler, Lincoln. Some of these companies merged into Ford, GM and Chrysler. Some automakers had multiple plants the in city. GM and AMC had their HQ in the city (later AMC went to Southfield). Ford and Chrysler HQs were in the area. There were lots of other automotive related industry too: such as Ferguson Tractor and Continental Engine."

This posting was shared by Peter Dudley who commented:
Now & Then: Michigan Central Railroad's Peninsular Spur served Ford Motor Company's Piquette Avenue plant (built 1904), where the first few thousand Ford Model T automobiles were produced, beginning in 1908. By 1914, mass production (and the "$5 day") were in full swing at Ford's new Highland Park plant, farther uptown.The old black-and-white photograph was shot before tracks in the area were elevated, c. 1911. At that time, a second-story loading dock was built at the north end of the Ford factory. A few nearby, 1911-vintage railroad overpasses still show faint traces of MICHIGAN CENTRAL lettering.Just east of the red-brick Ford factory, EMF / Studebaker built cars at two plants, located on both sides of Brush Street, from 1911 until 1933. Most of the former-EMF facilities were destroyed during a huge fire in 2005. Preserved as a museum, the old Ford plant is available for tours.
Marion Miele Christiansen This is one of my favorite photos. The first 12,500 Model Ts were built at Piquette.
Bill McGuire Ford Piquettte plant 461 Piquette Ave. Detroit MI Wonderful place, they really know their stuff. Highly recommend a visit.
Kraig Hayner EMF / Studebaker also had a plant located in Port Huron, Michigan at the corner of Pine Grove and Elmwood St. It had rail service by the old Port Huron and Northwestern RR, later C&O. Just a ways further down Pine Grove where the Gtw crossed it was the Anderson Carriage Company. He knew Edison and built an electric carriage and later it went to Detroit and became the Detroit Electric Automobile. It lasted until 1939.
Bill McGuire I believe this was originally the Northern Auto plant, acquired by EMF in 1908. The two companies shared some investors and officers. Thanks for the great photo.

Bryan Monaco posted
Looking south on to Brush Street at the former New York Central ( Michigan Central ), while standing on another NYC bridge. The building to the right stands where Studebaker had a plant between 1911 and 1933. To the left is also part of the old Studebaker plant. Just out of sight on the left is Ford's Piquette Avenue plant 1904-1910), Studebaker bought it in 1911.

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