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CGW Bridge over Fox River in St. Charles, IL

James D. Barron shared
(Bridge Hunter --- I could not find this bridge in Kane County, Satellite)
Mark Llanuza posted
CNW GP-9 crosses the Fox River Bridge in St Charles IL on former CGW line 1988.
Roger Wihelmi posted
Here is the bridge today, 3/7/16, just a different angle.
Mark Llanuza posted
Its 1991 with eastbound CNW crossing the CGW bridge in downtown St Charles
Steve OConnor commented on the above posting
Same bridge from 1908 postcard.
Bill Latimer posted
It's 1957 and the finishing touches for the new bridge stands ready to be placed into position. Truss work here would be removed soon and a walkway added as well. The taller concrete piers were the originals the carried the truss frames.
Mark Llanuza posted
CNW crosses the fox River in 1997 on the former CGW line
A classic "drowning machine" (rolling) design dam in the foreground.]
Jamie Snyder posted

CGW westbound crossing the Fox river trestle St charles Il unknown photographer
Thomas Kaufman Date was March 13, 1966. Photographer was C. H. Zeiler
Harold J. Krewer Jamie, just so you know photos on Railpictures.net have date and photographer info along the bottom edge. Easy to find if you know where to look.
Mark Llanuza posted
Back in 2002 i was lucky enough to get a ride to the very west end of the CGW line a half mile past Randal Rd to pick up cars at a lumber company .Here we are going westbound crossing the Fox river
M.J. Rodriguez shared St. Charles History Museum's photo.
The museum commented:
Transportation, and the various modes used over the years, always seems to be a popular topic of conversation for visitors to our Museum. Today we're starting a new feature called "Transportation Thursdays". Over the coming weeks we will be sharing photos from our collection showing the different forms of transportation used throughout St. Charles history. Today's photo shows a Chicago Great Western train traveling west across the trestle bridge over the Fox River. This bridge was originally built in 1886 by the Minnesota and Northwestern Railroad company. The railroad reorganized in 1892 and became the Chicago Great Western Railway.
Steve Gibson posted
Just wondering. I downloaded this photo elsewhere. When I go a-Googling for 875 information, I come up empty. Anyone have information on what happened to 875?
Bill Latimer It is the original bridge.
[A better exposure of the above photo.]

Dave Soderstrom posted
A view looking east across the old Great Western Trestle in St Charles,IL
Chicago & North Western Historical Society posted
Here's another find from the bottom of a box of materials. The bridge over the Fox River is still there. No more trains traverse the structure.Tim VanMersbergen This particular bridge was replaced by the CGW with a deck plate girder span in 1957. It is that later bridge that is still in place.Chris Schultz You can see the tracks that go down into downtown St. Charles in the bottom picture.
Mark Llanuza posted
Train 192 taken by photographer Terry Norton crossing the Fox River St Charles IL 1968[photo collection Mark Llanuza,]
Tom Casper Ah, the 6-pack up front!

American-Rails.com posted
Chicago Great Western F3A #115-A, and a long string of other covered wagons, lead westbound freight #143 across the Fox River at St. Charles, Illinois on Independence Day, 1962. Roger Puta photo/Marty Bernard collection.
Chris Schultz Bridge is still there.
Mark Llanuza posted
Its the year 2001 eastbound CNW way Ft on the former CGW line has just crossed the Fox River in St Charles IL .I went back again in 2015 to match up my older shot .All the rails were removed as business dried up west of the river .At one time this was the main line to Oelwein Iowa.

Don Dieckmann posted
A short Union Pacific train crosses the Fox River in St. Charles, IL, March 24, 2008 on the former Chicago Great Western bridge.
Robby Gragg Wow, rare shot!
Don Dieckmann Robby Gragg back then, when they ran this train a couple of days a week, I used to work about a block away from the Tyler Road crossing. If I heard the train horn in the morning as they went west, I would run over and sit along the river on my lunch hour, and hope to catch it going back east. I would get lucky once a month or so.
Davis Shroomberg In case anyone wants to see what the tracks looked like 3 months before they were pulled, I took a walking tour of what was left of the far west end, up to the bridge. (Yes, I was totally tresspassing. Sue me.) I didn't dare cross the bridge. The river was in flood, and I didn't know what sort of condition the bridge was in. (Please pardon the the lack of captions on the last half of the album. I haven't yet completed the process.)


Ted Gregory posted
Chicago Great Western across the Fox
St Charles, IL

All of the rail-served industry that was west of the bridge is now gone.. So this is another railroad bridge to nowhere.

A photo album of the bridge

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