Friday, April 29, 2016

PRR's Class S2 Turbine Locomotive

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Pennsylvania Railroad class S2 turbine drive 6-8-6 #6200, departing from Englewood Union station with PRR train #28, the eastbound Broadway Limited, circa 1947.
The 6200 was built by Baldwin in 1944, and operated between Chicago and Crestline, Ohio. Tractive effort at all speeds exceeded that of conventional steam locomotives of comparable size, weight and boiler capacity. It also exceeded the performance of a 6000 horsepower diesel above 40 miles an hour. Below 30 miles an hour, steam consumption was high; above that speed, it was far less than normal steam engines.
Frank Hicks Bob Bruneau said he recalled a number of times watching this thing pass by at Englewood. Some of the railfans nicknamed it the "volcano" because of the voluminous amount of crap that it would spew out the stack, ash and embers and stuff.
Stuart Pearson From what little I know, or have read this Locomotive when operated at Speed was a WONDER, but SLOW Speeds, and Reverse weren't economical.
Stuart Pearson Mainline High Speed operation was at 310PSI Boiler Pressure, however Slow Speed Operation would, on occasion drop Boiler Pressure as low as 85PSI, and in tuen created LOTS of HEAT in the FIREBOX that caused STAYBOLTS to POP/BREAK. It last a mere 2 years.

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PRR # 6200 S-2 6-8-6 sitting on the shop track
[Please follow the link because Mike has a nice commentary.]
Bill Molony posted
Pennsylvania Railroad class S2 6-8-6 steam turbine #6200 arriving in Chicago with the Manhattan Limited on the afternoon of June 13, 1947.

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