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BNSF/CP Crescent RR Bridge over Mississippi in Rock Island, IL

(Bridge Hunter, not in Historic Bridges, John A. Weeks III, People's River HistorySatellite)

Note in the satellite image that the southern three spans are in an arc because the tracks run close to the river front.
Bridge was built by the Rock Island Bridge And Terminal Company. The Davenport, Rock Island, and Northwestern Railroad took control of the bridge in 1901, where it was jointly owned by the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy and the Milwaukee Road. In 1995, Canadian Pacific (the former Soo Line) took over the Milwaukee Road, taking the Iowa side track. The Burlington Northern ended up with the bridge and the Illinois track, which became the BNSF when the BN merged with the Santa Fe Railroad. (John A. Weeks III)
William Brown posted
The former DRI&NW/BN now BNSF Crescent Bridge between Rock Island, Illinois to Davenport, Iowa Bridge yesterday. From the Mississippi River Facebook page.
William Brown posted
DRI&NW Crescent Bridge from Retro Quad Cities:

Another study of the colorization of postcards.
Quad Cities Buildings / Landmarks /History posted
The Crescent Bridge over the Mississippi River.
Date Original
ca. 1913
Rock Island Public Library, 401 19th Street, Rock Island, Ill. 61201
Quad Cities Buildings / Landmarks /History shared

John Vize posted
The Crescent Railroad Bridge, between Rock Island, Illinois and Davenport, Iowa, taken from the Rock Haven 09/30/17.
Mike Ironman posted
Crescent Bridge Action in Davenport, Iowa / Soo on " The Clinton Curves" in Clinton, Iowa.
Bob Heintz Laid rail across that bridge 5 or 6 years ago.
William Brown shared
The Crescent Bridge between Davenport Iowa and Rock Island Illinois owned by the Davenport Rock Island and Northwestern, Milwaukee Road, Soo Line, BN and BNSF. Curved approaches on each end, not 286K and still manually operated. Over 120 years of service.

Jan Danielsen posted three photos with the comment: "Davenport, Iowa Pool 16 looking up river from Credit Island. Crescent railroad bridge [this bridge] and Centennial bridge. Very windy cloudy day. 10-17-20."



Jan Danielsen posted
Andrew Cannava Northbound heading to lock 15 Rock Island, Illinois. Going past Crescent Railroad bridge and Centennial Bridge. Pictures taken from Davenport, Iowa. River pool 16.

Mike Ironman posted
[Note the outline of a hydraulic jump in the ice breaker part of the pier from when the river level was higher.]

Mike Ironman posted
Screenshot @ -3:21 on April 6, 2019
[Flood of 2019]

Robert Daly posted four photos with the comment: "Canadian Pacific bridge (originally Davenport Rock Island and Northwestern) between Rock Island and Davenport, April 14 2013."
Andrew Elges: Crescent Bridge   Owned by BNSF, though CP has trackage rights.




Jan Danielsen posted two photos with the comment: "Prairie Dawn SB Pool 16. Pictures taken from Credit Island Davenport, Iowa."
[Centennial Bridge and L&D #15 are in the background.]


Jan Danielsen posted two photos with the comment: "Ardyce Randall Pool 16 SB. Pictures taken from Credit Island Davenport, Iowa."


Screenshot @ 0:40
Muscatine Bridge Night, Lock 16, Crecent RR Bridge Kelly Mason Pilot for Southern Towing M/V Capt. Richard Sides

Jan Danielsen posted
Capt. York after assisting Cooperative Venture at Lock 15 Rock Island, Illinois. Pictures taken from Davenport, Iowa Pool 16. Centennial bridge and Crescent Railroad swing bridge.

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