Saturday, September 30, 2017

Twin Bridges over the Wabash in Bluffton, IN

Even on the east side of Indiana, the Wabash River was wide enough that towns thought twice about building bridges across it. The multiple postcards made of the twin bridges is an indication of how important they were to the community. To this day, there is only one road bridge. I assume the railroad bridge is the Cloverleaf because it was originally narrow gauge. I'm guessing the Cloverleaf was later realigned to cross further downstream to share the Lake Erie & Western route through town. But the road bridge does not look like a predecessor to Main Street because of the sharp curve at the end. I would need to find Sanborn Maps to determine where these twin bridges crossed the Wabash. (Note to self: the album these photos are from contained several covered bridges.)

Photo from Kenneth Childers

Photo from Kenneth Childers
Photo from Kenneth Childers

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