Wednesday, September 6, 2017

GT Crossing: CSX+CN/GTW vs. CSX/Aban+Monon

(no CRJ, Satellite)
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Chicago and Northern Indiana Railroad Interlocking Towers (Click the place marker for more information. Unfortunately, the information is wrong because it is for the Air Line Junction, which is now totally abandoned.)

This junction no longer has a diamond because the Monon route to the north has been abandoned. CSX got the Monon route to the south when it absorbed the Seaboard Lines that had absorbed the L&N that had absorbed the Monon. CSX owns the former GTW route to the west because it recently bought it from CN. CN still owns the former GTW route to the east, but CSX has trackage rights to Griffith Junction. [Facebook]

Since it is easier for me to understand a map than a pile of words, I created the following with the color code:

  • Blue: CSX/CN/GTW
  • Red: CN/GTW with CSX trackage rights
  • Yellow: CSX/Seaboard/L&N/Monon
  • Orange: Aban/L&N/Monon
  • Black: the connector would now be 100% CSX

Satellite plus Paint
Because it was easy, I added a green line to show the abandoned Pennsy Panhandle and labeled the Air Line and Maynard Junctions. Many sources refer to this GT Crossing as Air Line. But Pennsy's track diagram labels its crossing of the Monon as Air Line.

Satellite plus more Paint
This tower was closed and made into an automatic interlocking in 1950. [Larry Amaloo comment in Facebook.]

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