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NS/Southern Bridge over Lake Pontchartrain

(Bridge Hunter; Satellite: South End, Movable SpanNorth End; Street View)

Steven J. Brown posted
Amtrak Crescent #20 accelerates away from the draw on the Lake Pontchartrain bridge leaving the New Orleans skyline behind at Slidell, Louisiana - January 23, 2022.
[I never noticed how tall the counterweight is until I saw this view.]
Gary Olden: When damaged by Katrina. Track pulled up and replaced by NS in 2 weeks to open up the road.

Norfolk Southern Corp posted
Pictured: Mixed freight train 141 crosses the 5.8 mile long bridge across Lake Pontchartrain between Slidell and New Orleans, La
Douglas Butler posted
Source of SOUTHERN Railfan NS Railroad Swing Bridge was replaced crossing the Lake Pontchartrain near New Orleans, LA.

Marty Bernard posted four images with the comment:
The Pass Manchac Bridge, Manchac, LA 
This ex-Illinois Central, now Canadian National lift bridge is at the western end of Lake Pontchartrain over Pass Manchac which connects Lake Pontchartrain to Lake Maurepas.  See the map.
The train is powered by IC SD40 6004 and repainted SD40-3 6263 on December 22, 2007.
David Barone: The CN runs 4 scheduled trains Q194/195, A419/420 plus coal and grain trains destined for the Baton Rouge Sub. Additionally Amtrak 58/59 in the late afternoon.
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Norfolk Southern Corp posted
Alabama Division train 355 glides across Louisiana's Lake Pontchartrain, nearing New Orleans with mixed freight from Birmingham.
Norfolk Southern has a combined total of 1,830 employees in Alabama and Louisiana. #dyk
Learn more about NS:
Joey Wrenn This bridge is 5.8 miles long , it starts in Slidell to the North and goes to New Orleans, the water is on average 8-10 feet deep
"Arguably the longest railroad bridge in the United States." [BridgeHunter]

I copied the street view because it appears to have caught the bridge in motion. Or do they keep it in this partial position because it is high enough for most boats and low enough to reduce the wind load on the bridge mechanism and foundation?
Street View
The birds-eye view caught it in a closed position.

Birds-Eye View

Terry Redeker shared
Another week of Covid-19 & another bucket list shot!! While working some stores in South Mississippi & Eastern Louisiana & practicing my social distancing I realized I could start the day off by getting the shot of the Northbound Amtrak Crescent crossing Lake Pontchatrain from the North Shore near Slidell, Louisiana. The Sun burned through some hazy clouds just as the train arrived & the drone did well holding its ground in a pretty strong cross wind. Glad to check another shot off the list that I have wanted for a long time!! 4/9/2020

Bret Stringer posted
NS Pontchartrain Bridge Question: The other day an NS train asked for permission to cross the bridge, and the tender told him words to the effect of, "I'm working another bridge right now, I'll call you back when you're down and locked." So I assume the tender works the bridge remotely? So many questions! From where? Watching marine traffic via remote cameras? If anyone has info on how this set-up works, I'd love to hear it. Thanks!
Here's NS 131 heading out onto the bridge Friday, 26 May 2023.
Eric Adkins: Decatur, AL. It’s operated from the drawbridge up there. Decatur operates Northdraw, Jackson draw, and Warrior River Draw from there. So the operator is operating all 4 drawbridges at once. I used to work on this drawbridge on Lake Pontchartrain, the automation to Decatur is the reason I’m not now.
J.B. Rail Photo shared

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  1. Hello, I'm planning on creating a YouTube video on railroad records, and was wondering if I had permission to use an image of the Lake Ponchartrain Railroad Bridge in my video. I promise to give full image credit in the video description. Thank you for your time.