Thursday, May 24, 2018

CM&G water tower in Aurora, IL

Paul Kluber posted two photos with the comment:
My uncle shared this picture with me which I had never seen before. It was taken by my grandfather of a water tower for steam locamotives that once stood off of Terry Ave between Rathbone and Jericho Road. I only know where it was located because he had the foresight to write a map on the back of the picture.


See the EJ&E Aurora Depot for an annotated historical aerial showing where the CM&G left the EJ&E/Joliet, Aurora & Northern Railway west of Lake Street. This image marks the continuation of the mainline of the CM&G through Aurora, and the red circle indicates the location of the tower. Below the satellite image is an historical aerial that I analyzed to determine the location of the CM&G mainline and tower.


1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
Dennis DeBruler commented on Martin's share
I think it was between the CM&G mainline on the right and a siding on the left. The code line further to the right in the photo would mark where the CB&Q route was. Back then, CB&Q still had the original route just north of today's elevated route.

Paul Krueger commented on Martin's share
The MILW removed their water tank in the August 1947-December 1948 timeframe. 
Jeff Kehoe posted
It's been mentioned here that finding photos of the Gary, especially old ones, can be difficult. One taken in Aurora in 1934 is probably rare then, and credit should go to Griffith RR Pictures of Aurora.

Dennis DeBruler commented on a post
Where the EJ&E curved north in Aurora is where the CM&G left the EJ&E. It curved south until it was on the north side of the CB&Q tracks, which it followed out of town.
1925 Yorkville Quadrangle @ 1:62,500

The CM&G quit paralleling the CB&Q at Orchard Road, and it is now the Virgil Gilman Nature Trail.

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