Thursday, May 24, 2018

MoW: Panel Track Laying Machines

A video of a machine that lays long track panels that are pre-built with concrete ties. (source) The end of the video shows why the train included so many ballast cars. The question on my mind is not how you dump the ballast, but, after you bury the track under the thick layer of ballast, how do you raise the track above it? The videos seem to skip that issue because Part 4 already has the track on top of the dumped ballast.

This is a longer version of the track laying that shows all of the steps including moving a stack of four panels to the front of the train.
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The videos above provide the context for this video:

David Daruszka shared
[He did do a good job of chaining down his load. The chains pulled the truck over!]

The track panel machine can also be used to remove old track.

This machine uses CWR (Continuous Welded Rail) instead of track panels.
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