Wednesday, May 9, 2018

MoW: Car Jack Platforms

JC Walker posted
What do three long ties on a siding for? Not a switch stand, and they stick out on each side the same! Photo taken a Laguna New Mexico last week.
JC Walker The answer is: Car Department Jack Location. There are two about 50’ apart at this location. Track centers are a little close but told they still use them. I’ll try to post a couple more questions like this. Thanks for the response everyone, thought it would be a good post!
The car department was away from the engine servicing area because this looks like the southern arc of a roundhouse.

I know one end of a freight car would be jacked up to roll out an old truck and roll in a new (or rebuilt) truck to repair truck or wheel set problems. I wonder what types of repairs needed both ends of the car jacked up at the same time.

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