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EVWR/L&N 1926 Maunie Bridge over Wabash River southeast of Maunie, IL

(Bridge Hunter, no Historic Bridges; satellite is below)    EVWR = Evansville & Western Railway

The original bridge for this route was the St. Louis & Southwestern Railroad bridge that was completed on Nov 22, 1871. [SouthernIllinoisRailroads, this has several photos of the pre-1926 bridge]

Satellite, Swing Span

Maunie Railroad Bridge
Posted March 8, 2018, by Malcolm Dymott (mpd109uk [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk)

From the Progressive Railrioading website 8 March 2018 (and local news websites on previous two days);

". . . .U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) has announced a $10 million TIGER grant to rebuild approaches to the Maunie Railroad Bridge in Posey County, Indiana. Built in 1926, the bridge's timber approaches on both the Indiana and Illinois sides are in "dire need of replacement," according to a press release issued by Donnelly's office. "

Link to fuller descrption:

[Bridge Hunter]

Bill Molony includes a nice summary of the EVWR in the Man/June 2018 Blackhawk Railway Historical Society newsletter, Spike and Tie:
This railroad commenced its first operations on January 1, 2006. The line was once part of the Louisville & Nashville's former Saint Louis Subdivision route that previously terminated in the metro-area of East St. Louis, Illinois before being embargoed and slightly shortened under CSX ownership during the fall of 1993.
Satellite, Illinois Approach
Satellite, Indiana Approach

Bridge Hunter includes photos of a train on the timber trestle.

Brendan J Dock shared

5 photos  Manual operation of the swing span was possible until the 1970s.

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