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Highland|ND|HI Junction Tower: NS/NYC/Kankakee Belt vs. Aban/Erie+C&O

(no CRJ; see below for Satellite)
NorthAmericanInterlockings:    Olson     Garon
no Chicago and Northern Indiana Railroad Interlocking Towers

Pete Fileca posted
Mike Breski CNW lost? LOL Never knew of them in this area, south west and north yes, or borrowed power?Pete Fileca Good question. It’s from 1994

Yellow is the abandoned route used by Erie Lackawanna and C&O and Blue is the existing Norfolk Southern route.
Danville Branch  Segments now owned by NS and various short line operators, some segments abandoned.

Click for Google Map of Southwest Lake County 
ND/HIGHLAND Mechanical interlocking installed 1906  Closed 1982 Former crossing with Erie Railroad, abandoned 1980.

USGS, Highland, 1953, 1:24,000
According to a shadow in a 1951 historic aerial, the black rectangle in the northwest quadrant was the tower's location. So the train is southbound.
The map agrees with the aerial photo concerning the connection in the northeast quadrant.

In addition to the Highland name on the sign in the photo, this tower was also known by the telegraph codes HI and ND. NYC used ND so I assume HI was Erie's code.

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