Sunday, May 5, 2019

Michigan Central's Sohl Avenue Bridge over Grand Calumet River in Hammond, IN

(Bridge Hunter; Historic Bridges; John Marvig; Satellite)

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Some comments on Pete's post taught me about this bridge: Steven Cobb mentioned its existence; Bob Lalich indicated it was a former Michigan Central bridge; and I indicated with this topo map  that it was a branch that went north from the MC mainline

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Bob Lalich, thanks for the Michigan Central info. It looks like it is a branch that goes north of their mainline. But it is not clear where the branch went once it crossed the river. This image is a combination of the 1960 Calumet City and Lake Calumet 1:24,000 quadrangles. All three bridge reference sites --- Bridge Hunter, Historic Bridges and John Marvig --- indicate the railroad was Chicago, Cincinnati & Louisville Railway. But some research indicates that railroad is what C&O used to gain access to Chicago. The C&O shared the NKP bridge with Erie, which was further west of here. It is now a NS crossing, but today it is just a culvert with four big pipes,,-87.../data=!3m1!1e3
Pete Fileca Dennis DeBruler it supposedly branched into the ihb
Bob Lalich Dennis DeBruler - The MC was a financial backer of the East Chicago Belt RR and built the line which ran from Grasselli to State Line Tower along the north side of the Grand Calumet River. The ECB served the numerous industries that located along the north bank of the river during the industrial boom in the late 1800s. The MC connected to the ECB via the swing bridge next to Sohl Ave. The ECB was incorporated into the IHB in a reorganization in the early 20th century. Sometime afterward, the connection to the MC mainline near the Hammond Station was eliminated, but the bridge remained in use as a tail track to switch the industries in the immediate area.
Lawrence Smith r we talking about the Hammond Belt RR?

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Both Steven and Pete have added several more photos of the MC line as comments.

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