Wednesday, October 30, 2019

CE&I 1921 maps of their coal mining territories

C&EIRHS posted two images with the comment: "For those of you interested in C&EI coal mine areas."
Christopher Gobert Where in the world did you come across these? The Williamson County Illinois map is especially interesting to me inasmuch as that is where I grew up.
Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad Historical Society I came across these two maps in a 1963 memo to the board of directors in preparation of what they would see during an inspection trip of the railroad. Interesting to note that in 1963, there still were using maps from 1921.

I concluded that the solid black lines are the C&EI routes. I like that the maps include the other railroads as dotted lines. You have to click an image and then save it so that you can zoom in with your favorite photo viewer.

(Shared to Illinois Coal Mines, Miners & Railroads)

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