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Pattullo, New Westminster Railway and SkyBridge Bridges over Fraser River near Vancouver, BC

1989 SkyBridge: (John A. Weeks IIISatellite)
1937 Patullo: (Historic Bridges; Satellite)
1904 New Westminster Railway: (Historic Bridges; Satellite)

There was an upper deck on the 1904 bridge that carried vehicles and pedestrians until the 1937 bridge was built. According to Historic Bridges, the railroad bridge is now owned by BNSF.

Historic Bridges has a nice collection of construction photos for both bridges.

Note that the swing span is partially open.
Street View

Street  View

The SkyBridge is obviously a cable stayed bridge. "This is the longest transit-only bridge in the world....Two tracks are for the light rail, a third track (the center track) is used for maintenance crews." [JohnWeeks]
Street  View

Ian Stephens posted
Vancouver Canada 1991
Jeff Picka: The rail bridge is the New Westminster Bridge, which once had an upper road deck and still has a junction at the south end where the CN, Great Northern, and BC Electric interurban lines once diverged. It is still used by passenger trains headed for the Pacific Central (aka CN or False Creek) Station. The other bridge (the Patullo Bridge) was built for the pre-TCH road to the rest of Canada.

This construction photo of the 1937 bridge shows the road deck on the 1889 bridge.
Articles via HistoricBridges-1937

The elegant steel arch bridge is being replaced by a $1.4b cable stayed bridge. The new bridge should be open in 2024. [PattulloBridgeReplacement]

The new bridge is upstream of the railroad bridge whereas the arch bridge is downstream.
Government of BC via DailyHive
In-river construction for the new Pattullo Bridge in February 2021. 
The tower will be 170m (558') high.

Government of BC via DailyHive
Construction timeline and staging for the new Pattullo Bridge.

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