Friday, July 29, 2022

1931 Ben Williamson and 1985 Simeon Willis Bridges over Ohio River at Ashland, KY

1931: (Bridge Hunter; Historic Bridges; B&TSatellite, green, 12th Street)
1985: (Bridge Hunter; B&TSatellite, blue, 13th Street)

You can access the B&T links above for a history of each bridge.

Street View

Street View

Sep 2019 Photo by Jesse Sharkoman via BridgeHunter-1931 and -1985

3D Satellite

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Another day, another sunset. This time, it's a view of the circa 1931 Ben Williamson Memorial Bridge and the circa 1985 Simeon Willis Bridge that carries US Route 23 Spur over the Ohio River between Ashland, Kentucky, and Ohio. Some years ago, the superstructures were painted to match the city of Ashland's colors—a lot more vibrant than the drag gray they were before!
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Murdock Photography posted
I love this composition with the fall 🍂 of the USS LST-325 before it set sail for Charleston, WV yesterday! Be on the lookout for several posts today, highlighting my tour of the last operational WWll Landing Ship (LST) in the world. Come join me as we get exclusive access to certain rooms off limits to the general public!
Dennis DeBruler: And a nice view of the bridges.
[I need to update my LST-325 notes and get them published.]

A lot a lattice built-up truss members.
Street View

As expected, the 1980s truss bridge has plain members and bolts instead of rivets.
Street View

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