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1956-2001 Aban/N&W/NKP/W&LE Bridge over Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, OH

Older: (Bridge Hunter)
1956: (Bridge Hunter; Historic Bridges3D Satellite)

This bridge is in the Cleveland-Cliffs Steel Mill.

Street View

The previous bridge was a swing bridge.
BGSU, 1948
Bridges Now and Then posted
Title: Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad Bridge, 1946
"The photograph is a view from the east bank of the Cuyahoga River looking north at the Wheeling and Lake Erie railroad bridge. This bridge is a steel girded railroad bridge with a round stone pier in the river which allows the steel truss bridge to swing and allow boats to pass. A lift bridge is visible in the background." (Cleveland Public Library)

Sep 2019 Photo by Jann Mayer via BridgeHunter-1956, License: Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)
Passing under two bridges
[The River Terminal Railway Bridge is in the foreground.]
Owen Nesslage posted
Crow 208 and the American Courage meet beneath the (I believe) Nickel Plate lift bridge.
Bob Boardman: Been working there for 29 yrs- that’s the Wheeling Lake Erie Railroad Bridge- currently inactive. Good pic - good timing.
[Technically, it is a NKP bridge because NKP bought the W&LE. But it is not The NKP Bridge.

Jonathan Konopka posted
The W&LE (later N&W) lift bridge over the Cuyahoga River in the industrial valley of Cleveland. Built in 1956, it carried the W&LE main line over the river and it ultimately ended somewhere up by the old Erie Literary Street Yard, where they interchanged. The bridge is still around today but is not used. Photo taken in August 1970 by Lamont Downs.
Lyle Merdler: That line ran south from the bridge and crossed Broadway near Union Ave. Back in the 70's when it was active, I was stopped at a light and saw an engine and some cars emerge from behind a building at that intersection. It looked like there was maybe 12" of clearance on either side of the ROW! I am sure the tracks were there long before these buildings were and whoever built them they played it tight! The Morgana Run Trail is now in place of the tracks. This was a crazy busy line at one time, feeding scrap to the mills.

Dennis DeBruler commented on Jonathan's post
Is that this bridge?,-81.6694024,270a,35y,39.39t/data=!3m1!1e3
Jonathan Konopka: Dennis DeBruler Yep!

I wonder if the high-level bridge next to the predecessor W&LE bridge carried an ore or coke conveyor for the steel mill.

BGSU Photo via BridgeHunter-older, License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike (CC BY-SA)
Wheeling & Lake Erie Bridge

BGSU Photo via BridgeHunter-older, License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike (CC BY-SA)
Port of Cleveland, OH

Douglas Butler posted
From Art Institute of Chicago CW Railroad Scherzer Bridge in Cleveland,OH.
[The CWRO/River Terminal Bridge is in the foreground.]

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