Thursday, July 28, 2022

Lost/Clark Avenue Bridge over Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, OH

(Bridge Hunter; Satellite, just the abutments are left)

ClevelandStateUniversity via BridgeHunter

Postcard via BridgeHunter

Postcard via BridgeHunter

This is the most recent topo map in which the bridge appears. Clark Avenue is not connected with Pershing Avenue in the next topo map, 1994.
1984 Cleveland South Quad @ 24,000

Some of the footings are still standing on the west side of the river.

The comment on this post is what caused me to look for the Clark Avenue Bridge.
Jonathan Konopka posted
Looking at the River Terminal railroad's bascule bridge across the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland. Photo was taken in 1970 from the Clark Avenue Bridge - photo taken by Lamont Downs.


  1. Great find Dennis, I have lived in Cleveland most of my life, never knew about this. Now I have a new place to check out.

  2. That bridge was frightening. Not only was it bumpy, but you could see right down into steel mills. Lots of creepy pollution and smell.